Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Science of Certainty

If I'm going to start a blog about my relationship with Mr. Wonderful, I really should start at the beginning. Which goes back before I even met him.

See, I don't think it was just luck or fate or coincidence that we found each other.

I believe it was science.

Oprah likes to talk about the third law of physics to explain it. According to Wikipedia, this law states that "The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear." Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Or, what you put out will come back at you as an equal force and an equal energy—positive or negative.

Before I met Mr. Wonderful back in the fall of 2007, I made a conscious decision to put certain things out into the Universe. I believed that what I put out would not only shape WHAT but WHO came back to me. So I did a lot of thinking about who exactly it was that I wanted heading my direction. I made lists. I made a collage. If you've ever read The Secret, you know this drill.

But more importantly, I focused on who I was. I worked on being my best, most authentic self. During the 3 years leading up to Mr. W's arrival in my life, I took some big risks (quitting my job and ultimately landing in a much better one), I tested my physical limits (beginning to run and doing a 17-mile hike to climb Half Dome in Yosemite) and I dug deep into the cracks in my psyche and self esteem (hello, Therapy, I heart you).

I wanted to make sure the Me I projected was a Me I was proud of. By the time Mr. W and I met, I was in a great place. I was ready for him. I knew who he would be and I trusted myself enough to identify him. This was something I didn't have in the past. That ability to discern.

The reason I feel the need to talk about this is that I believe other people can do the same thing I did and end up with just as much happiness. I think anyone can concoct the right recipe for this kind of wonderful.

I also think that Mr. W and I can project goodness out into the world to create the life we want moving forward. And maybe this new blog will help document some of that.


  1. I think this is a grand idea! Actually, in therapy (love)last week I decided I need to overhaul my blog because it no longer fits in line with who I've become (who? whom?).

    I look forward to reading your tales. :-)

  2. Wheee. Blog overhaul is in the air. I'm working on this myself. We'll see what happens.

    I couldn't agree more that what you put out/give/etc. is what you get. I tried telling this to one of my cousins yesterday (yeah, apparently 21-year-old males aren't as open to these things as women in their 30's), but it is something you have to learn, and practice.

    I look forward to your posts!

  3. aw, a WONDERFUL blog! blog of wonderfullness. YOU are wonderful!

  4. Oh, you and I could have a long, long discussion/debate about this one. But it would have to be over beer. Lots and lots of tasty beer.

  5. I totally and 100% agree. And i think it's important to mention that you're not just putting out the best Me (You?) you can to find the right person for you, but so that even if that right person doesn't come along, you still ended up with the best You (bonus!)...if that makes any sense. Anyway, I totally agree with the idea of molding yourself into the best You so that when the right person finds you, you will know that you deserve everything that is wonderful about them and (hopefully) they deserve everything that is wonderful about you.

    ...Am I making any sense?

    Already love the new blog! Also, so SATC of you that your first blog about marriage isn't about marriage at all! Love it!

  6. Sizz - I can't wait to see where you take your blog. New beginnings are so fun to explore, aren't they?

    LesleyG - Hooray for yet another blog update. (See Sizzle's comment above). I think 21 year olds aren't supposed to get this sort of thing. They need to make some mistakes and get in some trouble before they figure out the secrets to the universe. :)

    Brookem - Awe thanks, sweet girl.

    Geekhiker - We will discuss. And I will SCHOOL you.

    Ems - You make perfect sense. And I'm glad you're on board with this way of thinking. I think it'll work out well for you in life...not that you need any help there!

  7. Oprah and The Secret in the same post. You're making this too easy.

  8. I love, love, love the banner picture. And you are both Wonderful.

  9. Love your new beginnings throughout your life. Yayayayaay!!!!


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