Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Argument in Favor of Granny Panties

No those are not my legs or my underwear. I was just looking for a little visual support. But thanks for thinking my stomach is that flat.

After having my suitcase stolen on the honeymoon, I had to go on a bit of a shopping spree to replace everything I'd lost. This included about a dozen pairs of underwear. Of course I stocked up on some cute ones before the trip, so I was happy to discover many of the same styles and patterns still available at Macy's. 

In attempt to replace a comfy, silky boy-short-esque style I was missing, I accidentally bought some big lady briefs. They don't come all the way to my belly button, but they're definitely far more substantial than other pairs I own. 

Mr. Wonderful is not a fan.

When he came home from being in London for 8 1/2 weeks (or was it years...?) Friday, he was none too pleased to give me a little up-the-sundress-bottom-pat and discover I was wearing my big mama underpants. 

"Just because we're married doesn't mean you can start wearing underwear like that now," he scolded me. 

I told him they were comfortable and a good idea to wear under short sundresses. 

About an hour later, we were heading out for a romantic welcome-home dinner. 

I noticed that our green trash bin was still in the street, so I rolled it up the driveway and maneuvered it onto the ledge where we store it. (See below)

As I was hopping back down off the wall, something bad happened. I'm not exactly sure what even transpired, but my foot didn't quite work and my ankle twisted and the next thing I knew, I was lying in the driveway in my sundress with my feet pointing up the slope.

I didn't want to move at first because I wasn't sure if I had hurt anything—Mr. W and I are running our first half marathon together in late October and I can't afford to have any broken appendages. So I sort of sat there inspecting my bleeding foot and tweaked ankle until Mr. W dashed to my aid.

At the same time, I heard the male next-door neighbor shout, "Are you okay?!"

Enter: Humor, my best defense in embarrassing situations—"Oh yes, I'm fine! Mr. W's only been home an hour and already he's sweeping me off my feet!"

As I sat with ballet flats pointed skyward and my sundress hiked to my thighs, I looked at Mr. W and said, "Good thing I'm wearing my granny panties. He could've had quite the show otherwise."

Mr. W nodded... And I rest my case.


  1. sAnd your claim to fame is "Not to be Like Mom!" Welcome to my granny pantie klutz club! I hope you didn't hurt yourself. Yes, it is very embarrassing when you fall;
    and your 1st reaction for spectators is "I'm fine". Sometimes not the case.
    From the voice of experience.

  2. That's so something I would do (the falling). I hope your ankle is ok?

    I will confess that I accidentally bought some underwear like that and I kind of love them. Definitely not sexy but they are good for my work outs!

  3. You are sooooo winning the "mom contest" right now!!! I would have peed my granny panties if i would have been there to see all of this!

  4. I had a pack of three of those in my hand just the other day. They looked very comfy. But I thought I'd better not. Now though, I'm reconsidering.

  5. I love that you accidentally ordered granny panties and happened to keep them instead of returning them for the ones you meant to order. =)

    I never wore 'em until I had a c-section. It's nice when the elastic doesn't hit the incision site during the weeks after surgery.

    Glad to hear you're ok and will still be able to run next month!

  6. MRS.W, is your mother writing the blog for you?? I had an incident where I got ran over by 100lbs of frozen bait-- very hard to explain all that to the ER dr.---hope you had a grand dinner with the hubby!

  7. Mom - Falling one time in large underwear proves nothing. I think it was a fluke.

    Sizzle - Totally agree - they're super comfortable. Sigh. Someday we'll be able to wear them without guilt!

    Sister - As I said above to mom, it was a fluke. Proves nothing.

    Janice - They're really only good if you think you're going to bite the dust in a short skirt. :)

    Nilsa - I can't help myself - they're totally comfortable! And, they have a good humor factor. :) Thanks for the ankle sympathy. I would have been heartbroken if I'd been hurt!

    Someone's Mom - NOoo I cannot admit that this makes me like her! And the getting run over by the fish cart thing was sad! I'm very glad you survived that one ok!!

  8. The good news your mom can give you her unwanted/unused?? WalMart underwear instead of sending them home with my mom.

    And I'm pretty sure no one saw my mom's underwear when she was trampled by 100 pounds of bait.

    Someday we will meet our biological parents. :)

  9. I can't decide if I should participate in a conversation about your panties with you, your mom and your sister.

  10. Laura - Your last sentence made me laugh out loud. It's so true - I don't know where you and I came from. Although maybe I am related to my mother since I fell down...

    Wow TWA - Whatever pervy thing you have to say, I'm sure they would get a kick out of it!

  11. Hehe, You win!! those are the best moments in arguments: Being right :D

  12. Is it wrong that I thought to myself, "Those are pretty cute granny panties!"

  13. Ouch! I hope your ankle/foot is okay! I love that you find the funny in this story :)


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