Friday, September 16, 2011

Eye Candy on an Overcast Friday

 A cliffside view from Ravello, Italy

When Mr. Wonderful and I were on our honeymoon in Italy a few months ago, I realized something about travel that I'd never thought of before. One of the reasons I love vacationing so much is the continuous visual stimulation. Everywhere you look, there is something new to see. 

Walking around a city like Rome or Capri or Paris or Memphis, you're going to encounter things of beauty everywhere you look. 

I don't think I ever realized what a glutton I am for beauty. Seeing lovely things both calms and excites me. 

Which is why I'm now addicted to Pinterest

I resisted the urge to sign up for it for several months. And then one day a friend sent a recommendation email and I caved. If you're not familiar with the site, go check it out. It's a girls' eye candy dream come true. Gorgeous house interiors, cute outfit ideas, hairstyles, DIY projects, funny quotes, recipes—anything cool that's on the Internet seems to be getting pinned. I have now lost hours scrolling through the images on that site. It's a fantastic escape.

Almost as good as traveling.

While I'm talking eye candy, I'll leave you with this little snapshot from my Etsy store. Ooooh pretty colors, right? Have a great weekend!


  1. Speaking of lovely things - having your hubby home -
    another thing to calm and excite you!
    Enjoy rekindling!

  2. Agreed. Pinterest rocks. I can have a full on happily ever after pinterest life and never actually have to have the things I pin. Just looking at pictures seems to get the happy juices flowing.

  3. If memory serves me correctly, thanks to your tenant there are things of beauty to be seen right in your own backyard.

  4. Love this post! So are the best.

    BTW...I totally think you and Mr. W need to open a B&B in Tuscany...we will be first on the list of visitors. :)

    Oh...and a side I tripped and stumbled over every uneven surface and cobblestone walkway in Greece and Italy these past few weeks...I did make a comment to my hubby that this is definitely not a place for your mom to visit....she would for sure take a good fall somewhere along the way.

  5. I cannot agree more. I love Pinterest! And since I am on bed rest I have an excuse to spend hours on there. My favorite quote I found was

    "Thank you pinterest for making me feel creative even though I've really just been sitting at my computer for three hours"

    I need to start following you now!

  6. Mom - Thanks. He is a lovely thing to have around.

    Janice - Totally! I'm glad that you helped me see the Pinterest light.

    Jeff - This made me laugh out loud when I read it. Dirty bastard. :)

    Laura - You know exactly what I mean. Travel eye candy is the BEST! I'll say a prayer that you haven't somehow inherited my Mom's walking skills.

    Suzy - That is a great quote! I would spend hours on Pinterest and other design sites (pinning, of course) if I were on bed rest!


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