Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Checking My Pulse

That beautiful covered pathway above is one of the streets that Mr. W and I walked along in Positano during our Italian honeymoon in May. Because neither of us had ever been there, everything we saw was a surprise. A delight. 

This is one of the things I love most about traveling. 

You can wander around, not really knowing where you're going, and experience something novel at every turn. Much different from trekking through familiar territory. 

Today I read a journal entry I wrote in July where I lamented the fact that I was feeling stagnant at work. I wrote about how I thought I should be appreciating the comfort of my cushy, stable job. And then I wrote about how I thought the problem was that discomfort made me feel more alive. 

Thus, the love of traveling to unfamiliar places. 

Now, I'm not talking major discomfort here. I don't need to be dropped in a jungle somewhere and contract a case of malaria to feel a sense of adventure. I just need some space for not knowing. A glimmer of possibility that my routine could get changed up or that I might stumble upon something totally unexpected and wonderful. Like a new office and time to work on my own writing projects...

When I wrote that entry in the summer, I was feeling really stuck. I didn't think it was "right" to walk away from a top company. I didn't want to abandon my coworkers or my boss when they've taken such good care of me these last 6.5 years. But I did want to feel alive. 

Funny how the Universe hears us when we put these things out to it. 

6 more days in the office. And then the adventure begins.



  1. Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? My massage therapist SWEARS by it. And I find more ofte than not, it has been very present in my life (needing money to pay for trips and suddenly getting a lot of freelance projects).

    In other more important things, please take me with you! B/c I'm the idiot that is dropped to random places like Africa and possibly get malaria. Have fun! I love the word "adventure." So much promise!

  2. I'm really hoping this next chapter is awesome for you. I'm betting it will be!

  3. As I've been communicating with another friend who lost her job just days ago, I've realized how right you are. Having the rug pulled out from under you, sometimes, is the only way to get that kick in the butt to move on. And I would put my money on you moving on to bigger and better and maybe even best, no doubt. It seems to be your style. :)

  4. Isn't it ironic that you were so damn loyal to your profession, employer and co-workers, yet you weren't really being true to yourself ... when YOU should be the most important person in this equation! It's also really too bad that your employer wasn't equally as loyal to you. Pfft! That said, I cannot wait to hear all about your next chapter!

  5. You're going to rock at not working. You might flail some days and have to remind yourself to shower. You might think at 2 pm, "Did I brush my teeth yet?" but soon you'll be rolling on a nice project of your own and you'll wonder how you managed to go to the office for so long.

  6. Jane - I LIVE by the Law of Attraction. How do you think I met Mr. W??

    I wish I had your email address - we could have some really good talks. :) And yes, I totally think I manifested my layoff. I think my whole team did, actually.

    Sizzle - Thank you my dear. :) I'm hoping so too!

    LesleyG - I love that about the Universe. How it'll kick us in the butt when we're too chicken to kick ourselves.

    Nilsa - I had a good run and don't regret the loyalty one bit. Maybe I'll bring that good karma into the next situation.

  7. Janice - I may be emailing you for advice. :) But I do hope to make the most of every free minute I have (even if my teeth are un-brushed!)

  8. First of all, if you forget to brush your teeth, Mr. Sensitive Nose will smell your breath the minute he walks through the front door. And, you better wash your washcloths more frequently in all your newfound spare time, too. I am very much looking forward to sharing your first adventure, on our trip to the East coast! You may have manifested the layoff, but I manifested the timing!

  9. I think a jungle with the possibility of malaria sounds wonderful! Did I ever tell you I balked at the cost of my anti-malarial meds for Brazil, so I figured I'd pick some up in a pharmacy down there. Of course nobody knew what it was I wanted, and they all told me there was no malaria there. Riiiight. In any case, I didn't get it...yay!

    6 days and your world changes...again. Imagine that! Things not staying the same forever?! Silly universe. I'm just glad you appreciate it instead of resisting it as so many do.

  10. YES! I love this post! I completely agree with you! We miss out on so much when we are never uncomfortable.


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