Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deliciously Succulent

This little bowl on our front deck is looking a smidge haggard these days after
being left unwatered for too long, but that's the beauty of succulent plantings—
you can almost always bring them back to life.

One of my favorite plant varieties of all time is the succulent. From the shiny flat leaves of the jade plant to the spiky horns of the aloe to the flower-like bursts of the Graptopetalum, I love the clean, sleek lines of all these little guys. 

 Our agaves have been delivering lots of baby shoots that we've relocated to pots around the yard.

The day after Christmas, Mr. Wonderful and I went to work replanting clippings to propagate more plants for our gardens.

 One single aloe plant I stuck in the ground last winter has produced at least half a dozen of these new little sprigs.

 The mini olive tree next to our front door got a few friends, courtesy of Mr. W and his garden shears.
As much as I love them for their aesthetic, what I adore most about succulents is their can-do attitude.

Clip part of one off, stick it in the dirt, just about anywhere, and it will most likely thrive. It doesn't need coddling. It's not picky about where it's replanted. It will just make the most of the situation and start a new chapter of its life.

We could all learn something from these determined little plants. 

As you can tell from the mud speckles everywhere, Mr. W threw this container together
at the end of the day. I have no doubt it'll get itself cleaned up and turn into a lovely, prolific planter.


  1. Go, gardeners! I'm not a new year resolution person really, but if I were I think one would be to use the word propagate more often. And by more often I mean at all. :)
    Happy New Year, Mrs. and Mr. W!

  2. Im a Taurus, which means I'm supposed to be good at growing things. Well...I kill everything. Except succulents. They thrive under my care. So, I'm right there with ya. They'll be my only living plants. Forever and ever.

  3. It took me awhile to love these. It's like olives or grapefruit. Now I love them. And you're right, they have a can-do attitude. Plus, they make me feel like a real gardener, when really I do barely anything. Sweet!

  4. I am terrible with plants. Plus, my cats like to chew on them. My house is basically deadly for them. But succulents seem do-able. I hope to get some!

  5. My gram used to have a lot of succulent plants. I have a soft spot for them :)

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