Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Peek at Life in Our Bedroom...

Admit it: you only clicked on this post because you thought it was going to be about sex. You thought I was going to divulge some crazy story about how Mr. Wonderful and I tried the new KY mortise and tenon formula and it was AMAZING. Well we didn't. And that's not what this post is about. So pick your mind up out of the gutter, dust it off and check out how cute our duvet cover is. Right?

My real reason in writing this post was to showcase the super fantastic vintage Santa Barbara map Mr. W bought be for Christmas.

At the end of last year, one of the things we put on our 2011 To-Do list was to buy a nice print for the bedroom. We considered having one of Mr. W's pretty wine country photographs blown up or even buying a stock photo of a vineyard somewhere. Our goal was to hang something on the wall that would have us going to bed and waking up focused on where we wanted to land in the future. Hello, visualization and manifestation.

Mr. W hit the nail on the head with his purchase of this hand-drawn vintage map. It totally supports our dream of wormholing back to old-timey California farm days. Just kidding. But the simplicity of the rendering does underscore our desire to move to a simpler life somewhere. And there are even little drawings of some livestock, which we one day hope to own in the form of some sheep and a couple pygmy goats.

So there's our bedroom. I won't tell anyone about the pervy thoughts you were having when you first landed on this page...


  1. It was not that clean when I snooped in there during the cat feeding excursion.

  2. Sister - And by clean, do you mean like in terms of vacuuming and dusting? Or did you look inside my nightstand drawer?

  3. That is a very cool map!

    P.S. Thanks for not writing about sex. I am not against it, of course, but it still would be a heck of a divergence from what I've come to expect here. ;)

  4. Hey there is that comforter I was considering buying! ;-)

    I have a framed poster of a wine label bottle from Bonny Doon Winery in Santa Cruz County in my bedroom. Love it.

  5. The Martians called. They want their duvet cover back.

  6. Hi Mel,
    Happy Holidays &
    Happy New Year to
    you and yours.
    First saw your
    comment on Mandy's
    blog: ygtbkm
    My best to both of you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Richard O.

  7. Looks great! And I love the map and the idea! You are my inspiration.

  8. I wasn't sure if I should read this post or not, but......
    then my curiosity got the best of me! Nice duvet cover
    and love the picture Mr. W purchased for you for xmas.
    It is a treasure you will keep forever as a reminder of your first xmas together married.

  9. LesleyG - Yes, this is a family blog. With the occasional dirty joke, of course. ;)

    Sizzle - I knew you'd like seeing that duvet! I would love your wine bottle label. That sounds right up my alley!

    Jeff - Of course if the Martians were going to call someone, they'd call you...

    Raao - Thanks for visiting! Glad to have another reader over here. :) :)

    Alysha - Wield those manifesting powers, girl! I know you've got 'em!

    Mom - Hopefully it'll also be a reminder of where we moved after our third year of marriage, too!

  10. I am totally embarrassed that my first thought was about decorating.

    I LURVE the duvet cover. It's really nice! I've been looking at different ones myself, and just can't decide. I love seeing how other people decorate, because I can never figure out how I want to do it myself and like stealing ideas! :)


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