Thursday, January 19, 2012

What We're Making: Sweet, Sweet Pillow Talk

After the severity of my last post (no severed-head pun intended), I thought I'd lighten the
'S Wonderful mood with a little between-the-sheets story and some sewing show-and-tell.

Excerpt from an actual conversation Mr. W and I had in bed the other night (for the record, we were clothed): 

Me: I think something just hit me in the face. Did it fall out of your nose?

Mr. W: Uh, no pretty sure it didn't.

Me: Really? Because I could swear I felt something...

Mr. W: Nope. [Subtext: I am not the gross one in this relationship. If anyone is going to shoot nose floaters, it's you, Old Lady Washcloth Face.]

Me: Kinda makes me think of that time I fish-hooked your nostril with my pinky.

Mr. W: That was so funny!

Me: I think you just spit on my face.

Now I have to compose myself after rereading the fish-hook-nose blog. I had forgotten just how funny that was...Anyway...

There was another kind of pillow activity going on here last week after I bought some cushions at Home Goods for our fireplace hearth.

Fancy, aren't they?

My plan was to recover them in fabric I had left over from making pillows for our couch. And after much cursing and fumbling with my sewing machine, I reoriented myself with how to operate it and turned the cushions from green to gorge:


Now our guests will have two more comfortable options for resting their tooshies. Next, I'm going to sew myself a few handkerchiefs to keep in the nightstand drawer in case Mr. W continues to spit on my face in bed.


  1. Nice job! Love the pillows. You are becoming quite the seamstress and I am very proud and happy that you are carrying the legend on. Once again, you are winning the mom contest! Love you!

  2. Nose there's a new phrase. Hey - We need someone to make some covers for some cushions at church. Since you are unemployed currently, and know how to sew, could you help me out? Jesus would smile.

  3. I love pillow talk conversations. ;-)

  4. P.S. Love the re-covered cushions!

  5. Our pillow talk conversations are like --

    Me: "You just farted, didn't you."

    Him: "Yes."

    Me: "You couldn't do that BEFORE you came to bed?"

    Him: "It's not my fault. It all settles when I lie down."

    So I'm sure him spitting on my face is something to look forward to.

  6. Mom - I'm trying but I don't think I will ever be as good as you!

    Sister - I could probably handle that. Never a bad idea to do something that looks good to the big man...

    Sizzle - I seem to recall some similar funny conversations between you and Mr. Darcy!

    Stacey - That is hilarious! In our relationship, I would probably be the one using the "it settles" defense. :P

  7. hahahah!! nose floaters...

    Lurve the pillows! they're totally gorgeous. :)

  8. You go with your sewing machine skillz! (That is how you say it now, trust me.)


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