Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gilded Shower-Cleaning Acknowledgment Glory

About a month ago, I spent the good part of one of my unemployed mornings cleaning Mr. Wonderful's bathroom. No, we do not have a cleaning lady and yes, I am that kind of awesome wife. As much as I wanted to turn my cheek to it, I couldn't help but notice how much soap scum had accumulated in his shower. And given that I had no other work to attend to that day, I decided to go to work on the tile muck.

It took me an eternity and many different scrubbing tools and cleaning concoctions. When all was said and done, I was wet with sweat and funky rinse water.

So I did the natural thing that anyone would do after completing a task like that. I posted about it on Facebook. (Anonymous from this post is calling me a stupid American right now).

I wrote that I thought women who cleaned their husband's showers should be awarded a medal or trophy of some sort.

The remark received lots of comments, the funniest of which came from my brother. If you like gross humor, you'll love this one. If you don't like gross humor, I apologize for his crass creativity. He's a clever one, that brother of mine...

I had forgotten about the Facebook exchange (and my sore shower-cleaning shoulder) until this past weekend when a mysterious package arrived in my mail. The return address was Washington DC and at first I thought maybe someone in the White House had sent me a collection of secret files to hide from the terrorists.

When I opened it, however, I discovered this:

This poses a serious problem. You see, I have no idea who to deliver my acceptance speech to. So I'm asking you for help, blog readers. If you have any idea who awarded me this gorgeous golden trophy, please contact me ASAP. Thanks and happy shower-scrubbing to you all.


  1. Awesome. I wish I had thought of this!

  2. Ha! That is great. Are you sure it wasn't your husband?

  3. I'm waiting for you to get your Pube Police badge.

  4. lol...your borther's comment is hilarious...not sure how I missed that on FB. :) And the trophy...maybe from your mom? Too funny.

  5. I should start by saying, WE HAVE IDENTIFIED THE PERPETRATOR. The person who sent the trophy was my wedding photographer. Awesomely hilarious.

    Lara - Shawna thought maybe you DID think of it.

    LesleyG - He was so flabbergasted when I opened the box, I knew it wasn't him.

    Mandy - If my brother had sent something, that's definitely what it would have been.

    Laura - I know - he's sick but funny. I knew it wasn't my mom because they were out of town.

  6. We have three showers over here. And you do have all that spare time. And you are so good at it. Just sayin'...

  7. I'd be so creeped out that someone knew my address that the hilarity of it might get lost. It IS pretty funny though.

  8. Jeff - I'm far too busy and important now with my freelance gig to come clean your shower.

    Sizzle - I was a little freaked until I noticed that the actual postmark had my hometown on it. Then I knew I was safe!

  9. I love that you're surrounded by people with excellent senses of humor!

  10. Too funny! Glad you figured out who it was though. Otherwise, that just would have been plain ole creepy!


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