Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the Depths

Wonderful on the surface
is a perfect
place to start.
the boundaries
of kindness
to find
just how much
you can impart.

You learn how deep
love runs, though,
when grief
comes through
your door.
You trace its chains
to an immobile
anchor that's
cleaved itself into
your core.

And suddenly
your arms
long for the strength
to squeeze
away his pain.
You hold him tighter—
a futile attempt—
to silence
hurt's refrain.

Unsure if the tears
that dampen your cheek
came from his
tired eyes
or your own,
you realize that
this parallel ache
is something stronger
than you've
ever known.

And there in the dark,
in humbled awe,
you welcome
the caregiving chore.
You surrender
to the burn of certainty
you’ve never felt
love so boundless


  1. Our sincere sympathy to Mr W & you along with the entire family..I am sure that YaYa(sp) is smiling down on her special grandson so happy he has you to hold and comfort him durning this sad time on life's path.

  2. Beautiful words. So sorry for your loss. You and Mr. W are in my thoughts and prayer.

  3. What a beautiful poem. Your words express your heartfelt pain, which I am feeling also. I hope your healing begins and your sorrow is replaced by the beautiful memories of Yaiya.
    Hugs to both of you.

  4. You are a poet! Have you been holding out on me? It's smart to wrap tough emotions in the embrace of love. Good job.


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