Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spreading the Love

It may have been the residual effects of reading about Janice's Nurture Project back in November, or possibly the adorableness of this pillow on Etsy:

But I got it in my head that this year I was going to make some homemade Valentines and send them out to a handful of single-ish girlfriends. So last Friday morning I busted out my wicked craft skills and got to work making these:

I know how much I enjoy receiving cards and letters in the mail, and I just wanted to give that feeling to a few others.

Sadly, my Valentine-making skills were put to use again later in the weekend when I chose to participate in an "I Care" initiative that my hometown put together. On Friday afternoon, a 15-year-old boy took his own life on the campus of my niece's high school. The same school where my siblings and I went. The same school my mom graduated from in its very first senior class. My heart broke for the boy, his family, my niece, my school and my beloved town.

In an effort to do something to try to ease the pain, a card-making program was born. The cards will be delivered to the high school's students and alumni today.

I made a dozen.

Assembling both sets of cards got me thinking about how important it is to let people know you're thinking about them all year long. As commercialized as Hallmark is, I appreciate how they've encouraged us all to regularly remind one another that we care.

I hope the people who open my cards know I do.

Happy Valentine's Day, blog readers.


  1. You are such a good friend, even to those you don't even know. I heart you!

  2. Those cards are so nice. I'm sure they'll do more for someone than you could imagine. Happy Valentine's Day, lovely lady.

  3. I love those cards! I love the sentiment too.

  4. How come I didn't get one?

  5. you are the best...truly.

  6. What a sweet gesture in light of a sad situation. I am certain people felt the love when they opened your card. I love getting mail, handmade even better. I need to do more of this.

  7. you are awesome! I love this!

  8. cute cards, you sweetie! and you could totally whip that pillow together!

  9. Wow, I'm truly touched by all of your kind words. What a nice Valentine's treat it was to read them all. :)


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