Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What We're Making: Graduation Time Capsules

This past weekend, my family had a special dinner planned to celebrate the high school graduation of one niece, junior high graduation of another and 6th grade graduation of another. It's crazy grad times around these parts.

Anyway, rather than just giving the girls money (which I did) I wanted to give them something fun and creative and memorable. At first, I thought about scrapbooks but then I got the idea to make time capsules that they could fill, give to me and receive back in a decade. How fun it will be for them to read their little youngster handwriting when they're 22, 24 and 27!

To create the capsules, I upcycled empty protein powder containers and covered them in paper I bought at Michael's Craft Store (using spray adhesive).

Then I printed each girl's initial onto cardstock, cut them and spray-glued them to the lids.

Inside, I included sheets for the girls to complete that included facts about themselves, their favorite stuff, their favorite memories from the year, and where they see themselves in the future. Then I added "Dear Me" stationery so that each of them could write themselves a letter that will get sealed in an envelope until I return the capsules in 2022.

I can't be totally sure, but I think they liked the gifts. And I liked them so much, I'm tempted to create one for Mr. W and me! There's nothing better than looking back and seeing how far you've come!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! In the tech age where they're all Facebooking and Tweeting their thoughts, I can't help but think back to our craftily folded notes that for years resided in a giant box under your bed, in your 7th grade diary, in a giant white envelope you sent me my freshman year of college, or maybe a short sharpie note under your desk at G & D's house...I can't say how many great memories we had revisiting those notes...although some involved bruises with random remote throwings :-) I really feel sorry for today's tech kids that don't have the written history that we had. It seems old fashioned, but revisiting those memories on paper are the greatest and most sincere and real for me. I'm so glad you are keeping time capsules for the girls to revisit. They will love and thank you so much in 2022.

  2. I loved your thoughtful and creative gift and I know the girls did too; but will so much appreciate them even more in 10 years. I think they are all at an age that it will challenge them to fill out the questions
    and excite them to re-read them again in the future. That would be a fabulous wedding shower or anniversary gift. I think this deserves a spot on Etsy. Maybe personalizing according to age, etc.

    1. Thanks - clearly you and I are the most creative in the family. Your gift for them was really cute too!

  3. Love this idea! One of my high school besties and I did a time capsule thing when we graduated high school, to be opened at our 10-year reunion. We made predictions about ourselves as well as many of our classmates. It was hilarious to read all that we predicted - we were pretty much off-base with everything we wrote. ha.

  4. I'm doing hte cabbage patch and singing "She's Crafty!".

    Seriously. Impressive. Pinterest-worthy even.

    LOVE this idea. If I did this in my 20s, I'd open it up to a garter belt, some ones I collected in it, an 8 ball, and CD of Enigma.

  5. What a great idea! And what a milestone time, with all three of them headed into a new life chapter at once. I am tempted to create one for myself now, and I have nothing of note going on! :)

  6. What a great idea! So, so cute.

  7. That's really cool...great idea! congrats to all the girls too! Hopefully we will get to see everyone soon! it's been too long!


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