Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here's Mud in Your Eye. Here's Poop on Your Bathmat.

The arrival of summer in Hollywood has brought hummingbirds to our backyard, all sorts of fruits and vegetables to our kitchen, warm breezes through our living room, and pile after pile of unexpected cat poop to my bathmat. I'm not entirely sure what started the trend—I think the balance of clumping litter vs. feline pine may have been slightly askew or maybe cleanliness wasn't up to a certain girl's standards—but my little grey cat suddenly decided to begin occasionally hunkering her hairy butt down and leaving me "presents" outside the shower.

The culprit
One morning, I slept in a little late and when I got up, Mr. W informed me that Zoe had again dropped a load on my mat.


I walked into the kitchen and saw it folded in half next to the washing machine. Helpful husband had removed it from my bathroom floor. Except when I flipped it open to spot treat before throwing it in the wash, I discovered that, although he had taken the bathmat out of my bathroom, he'd left the poop rolled up inside of it.

Seriously, Mr. W?

We had a nice chat about how next time he could just leave it for me to find—unfolded—in its original location.

I'm hoping this poopie problem is soon under control. Because, frankly, it stinks.

In the meantime, I decided to make myself feel better by making a few edits and additions to my bathroom decor...

Just so we're clear here, I may be going through training to become a life coach but I will never stop talking about poop. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Cats are so. . . particular. And husbands can be so helpfully dense. ;-)

  2. Hahahaha...that's a cute culprit. Looks innocent to me...Rhina aka anonymous

  3. My dog does this when i forget to put her potty pad down. I can't really blame the little thing though because I purposely trained her to go on something that looks like a rug.

  4. I knew, before even reading, that you were going to open the mat and the poop would still be on it. Funny, Men. Funny.

    LOVE your decor and style. You just motivated me to get my arse to the paint store.

  5. Oh Boy! I would have been dying laughing at Mr. W's response. Poop; not so good. However, since
    we used to have a barfing cat, I can remember many times that your dad went down the stairs in his
    socks or bare feet not seeing the unexpected on the carpet. Squishy through the toes! So gross!
    I know precious Monty would never do that!

  6. One of my dogs has recently taken to pooping in my closet randomly. Pets are so... charming? Good thing they're cute. Same goes for men. ;)

  7. Everybody poops. You know, one foot to the left and your cat could be potty trained!!

  8. Sizzle - I know you know this first-hand. :)

    Rhina - Perhaps you'd like to adopt her?

    Erica - At least your dog has a good excuse!

    Christine - Haha well you'll have to post pictures of whatever you repaint. :) And

    Mom - Thank god no one stepped on the poop in bare feet here!

    Lesley - The closet seems worse because you probably don't find it as quickly!

    Miss McCracken - Good point! I should start trying to get her to just use the potty. :P


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