Monday, April 22, 2013

Maybe (a Little Piece of) My Heart Belongs to Hollywood, After All

The view from one of my flights home from BC.

A funny thing has begun to happen to me lately. In the midst of counting the days until I can get out of Hollywood and get up to Santa Ynez, I've begun to feel a sort of nostalgic affection for my current city. Perhaps because I know I'll be leaving it soon, this strange, sweet appreciation for it has moved to the forefront of my heart.

I've found myself smiling more often at the sight of the colorful people walking the streets. And feeling warm pangs for the tourists who ride about town in their buses, snapping pictures of everything they see.

I even had to bite my tongue on the plane ride home from Vancouver last week when I overheard the Canadians in front of me disparaging my city. "Hollywood is pretty sketchy" one of them said to the others. Like she was some expert. I wanted to tap on the back of her seat and say, "There may be some slightly rougher parts but it's not nearly as bad as you think and the people in the neighborhoods are quite nice." It's sort of just like a slightly egotistical, doped up rockstar village. It may wear too much eyeliner and curse a lot, but there's goodness underneath.

It surprised me to feel that way. After all the beheading/weird neighbor/traffic-induced instincts I've had to flee the city as soon as possible.

But there are still so many good things here. And I'm trying very hard to see and savor them over the next several months. 

I took this about a month or so ago and am astounded by how much the grapevines
have grown in such a short time. They're about 5x this size now. I do love our little
Hollywood "vineyard." It's a good start for the real one we'll have in the next couple years.

This is my favorite tree on our street. I love eucalyptus anyway, but this one makes
the most soothing rustling sounds as the wind blows through it. It's like a natural
relaxation wind chime.

Mr. W hates that we have rogue California poppies popping up in the backyard,
but I love them. They add so much cheer to the scene back there.

Yes, the weather has been so beautiful, I've spent some hours working like this.
And my ghostly white legs are ever thankful for the vitamin D.

I was delighted to partake of a little spring feast this weekend from backyard pickins.
Everything was great except that golden beet. It tasted like dirt so I had to throw it
away. But the artichoke and tomatoes were delicious.


  1. I felt nostalgia for Santa Cruz once I was in full on move mode to Seattle. All the things that I used to complain about suddenly felt charming. :-)

  2. I think it's really easy to overlook the good things about living in a place until you have one foot out the door. I always laugh that Chicago has all these amazing [insert: museums, restaurants, street festivals, free outdoor events, etc.] that I will be sad I didn't take more advantage of them once I move (but, they're always right there, so I don't feel the push to take advantage - make sense?!).

  3. Sigh. I'd miss any place that had nice weather right about now. Not that nostalgia is lost on me, I'm just buried in 6 inches of snow this morning. :)

  4. I'm not even leaving and I already miss your downstairs neighbor.

  5. I can't get over the fact that you're already eating produce from your garden and we're still waiting for spring to truly start...

  6. I'm with Mandy--that artichoke looks amazing!

  7. I like eucalyptus... shame it's an invasive species here in California. But, poppies? Our state flower? How can anyone hate them??

    As for Hollywood, don't forget that even as little as ten years ago, it was kid of sketchy, particularly around the Boulevard. I mean, it's no Dublin, but... ;)

  8. Whoa! That artichoke looks tasty! I think it's nice that you're feeling wistful about some of the things you liked in your old house. It's good to have happy memories. Hopefully you'll have lots of new ones to look back on in the new place :)

  9. Great post!! I find I appreciate where I live more (this includes San Diego and LA) when we have out of town guests in and we are doing "touristy" things. You will miss LA, but you'll have plenty of fun things to do in your new 'hood.


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