Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cooped Up

These girls live at a very cute store/succulent nursery nearby. I bet their names are
HENrietta and PECKnelope. And they've been friends since junior high.

When one's husband is temporarily living in another county, one finds it very easy to keep the house relatively tidy (one's own messes are invisible...) and also very easy not to leave said house. Thus creating an even keener awareness of where things "should" and "shouldn't" be in her castle.

Over Christmas break when Mr. W was here for two solid weeks, I had to reprogram myself after I short-circuited in response to his small abundance of random piles. You saw a sampling here...

The sock really does make the entire shot.

There was the RC helicopter hospital that took up residence on our dining room table, the miscellaneous mail, tools, nails, keys, and clothing items that lingered near the front door, the monstrous bag of receipts that threatened to overtake the couch...

Not being used to having someone else's stuff in my space, I had a minor freakout at him one day.
But as the vacation wore on, I realized something really important (after doing a little self coaching):
I would much rather have the stuff than the alternative. I'd much rather have Mr. W and his swirl of pigpen flotsam than no Mr. W at all. I'd rather have his mess in the house than not have him in the house.

It was a pretty powerful mindset shift.

But likely one I'll have to work to maintain when remodeling mayhem begins in a few months. Mr. W gave me a talk recently about how he would need to take some time off to recuperate after finishing the movie—so he wouldn't want to start renovating right away.

But the boy cannot sit still.

Case in point: he decided to start construction on the greenhouse/chicken coop over Christmas. Even though he knew that he wouldn't finish it and there would be many other projects needing to be done in the spring, he couldn't resist. I don't think he was at the house for a day before he headed to Home Depot and began plotting.

Here's a before shot of our side yard. We knew the killin' shed would need to come down
at some point. Hoping we won't have any Poltergeist situations...

When his BFF came to town for New Year's, they took sledgehammers to the shed and turned it into this. Another pile...

The yard itself went from this (I think Mr. W was secretly delighted that he had to purchase a new chainsaw to get that old stump out):

 To this (I learned this is "straw," not "hay." It's only hay when it's green, soft, and edible):

After that, construction began on the new foundation for the green-coop structure (If he lived here, I'd take a picture of the design sketch he created so you could see what it's supposed to look like when it's all done).

There he is, hard at work putting insulation under the foundation to keep the girls warm.

Finally, up came the framing for the walls. And the loose plans to install an electronic chicken door that lets the girls into their run every morning....

 That was as far as he got before he had to go back to LA for work. We're pretty excited he hit the wall stage. And I was slightly elated when he showed me some old horse shoes he discovered in the construction debris.

I have a feeling I'll need some extra luck to continue keeping my head right about the home and garden disarray. But it's better than the alternative...


  1. Chickens now? And you're already calling them "The Girls?" You'll be in a pair of overalls before fall, I can feel it.

    1. That is a distinct possibility and if it happens I will for sure post some pictures. And put a piece of straw in my mouth.

  2. Reading this post makes me wish for a yard and for warmer weather. Both your alternatives are better than mine at this point. ;)

    1. I wish I could cast a warm weather spell on the Midwest for you!


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