Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Doin' the Limbo Rock

The garage has become the catch-all for gardening items that will go in the future greenhouse, broken things like the wine fridge that went kaput, and new appliances that have yet to get hooked up. Soon, it'll also be housing our entire kitchen's worth of cabinets.

Did you guys ever limbo at parties when you were a tween? I seem to remember that being a trend for awhile. Fairly certain I would throw out my back or break my tailbone if I tried to limbo now. Although maybe there's a limbo yoga pose I could start practicing in my class on Thursday nights. Maybe I'll start a limbo party resurgence in the local community...

Mr. W and I are on the final stretch of separation and now that I can see the finish line (somewhere in the vicinity of late March), I'm feeling antsier than ever. Everything feels extremely limbo-ish right now. Like I'm just hanging out here waiting for the next leg of the journey (i.e. renovations...which will likely equal all hell breaking loose). The accumulating boxes of renovation stuff just add to the stagnant calm that has settled over our house. 

Our range top and dishwasher waiting patiently to finally become part of the kitchen.

Future bathroom fixtures mingle with an unpacked box and drafting table legs. Sexy.

Apparently our new kitchen sink is in that giant box. I'm not sure why it appears so enormous.
I wonder if Mr. W was planning to bathe me in it...

By the time Mr. W finally moves up here permanently, our entire garage might be filled with boxes. Or maybe I'll have unpacked them and turned them into a castle like we used to when we were kids. That might be just the key to feeling like there's some forward movement happening around the house. I could invite my friends over to sit in my box castle and limbo with me in the driveway. And if someone slips and cracks a vertebrae, we can use the cardboard to fashion a makeshift stretcher.

March, hurry up. I'm clearly starting to lose it...


  1. After looking at this garage; please don't make any comments about my "cave".
    It is a bit neater.

    1. The difference is that the garage isn't permanent - the cave IS.

  2. Here's some perspective: at least all these boxes reside in a garage that's in sunny southern California. The minute you feel a bit anxious about the state of your house, you can just head outside and enjoy the sunshine. If you lived in Chicago, you'd be forced to stay inside and face the wrath of boxes. =D

    1. I couldn't go outside in Chicago - my heart would stop from temperature shock. ;)

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures of the castle! Will you decorate it as well with some nice curtains and artwork ;)

    I feel your pain @Nilsa. I woke up this morning to 2 degrees in NJ. At least it was above zero. LOL

    1. Hahaha Suzy now I might actually have to make a castle just to post pictures!


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