Wednesday, March 4, 2015

...And On Top of It All, There Are Hairy, Half-Naked Men in My Backyard

There's a whole lot of disarray going on around these parts right now. Work trucks are parked on our law every day. Tools and wood are strewn all over the patio. There are empty Gatorade bottles in the ice plant. The joys of remodeling are abundant here.

But I think the sight I've found most entertaining during past couple weeks has been the unexpected parade of flesh I keep seeing through the sliding glass door. The first time I glimpsed it, it startled me. I felt like a stray bear or Bigfoot had wandered into our yard.

But nope, it was just our contractor, sans shirt. (Who, for the record, is a big teddy bear so it's all very fitting.)

He looked so free that his brother who is helping with construction soon joined him. I teased Mr. W and asked him if they called him over with a wave of the hand and "Come on in, the water's fine." He said they did not. But every day they're out there working on their tans while they work on our new bathroom.

It makes me feel a little shy. Like I might slip up and say, "That man nipple...err..I mean foundation looks really solid. Good work, guys."

Nudity aside, it's really fun to watch the progress of this project. It's happening so fast. Tomorrow the subfloors are going down and then the framing will start. And then...they'll be busting through the wall. Which is kind of terrifying. Just when I'd gotten the last of the dust cleaned from the kitchen and two bathroom remodels... I just hope the contractors are wearing their shirts when they come through the plaster.

It's so crazy to me that this is going to be an actual room soon.

Mr. W standing in "the shower" of our new master bath...wearing socks and flip-flops.
Because that's how we roll.

Even though this footing is getting buried, we thought it would be fun to leave our hand prints for posterity.


  1. You just spent half this post talking about shirtless guys and didn't post one photo of them? TEASE! hahaha.

    Love seeing all this progress on your house! What on earth will you two do with your time when all the updates and expansion is complete?!?!

    Your handprints remind me of what my parents did when they redid our kitchen in St. Louis way back in the 80s. They left a time capsule with a copy of that day's newspaper and a note saying HOW DARE YOU TEAR DOWN OUR KITCHEN!!!! hahaha.

  2. Your parents are total crack-ups. I love that they left that note! So funny! We actually wrote a note and put it into the kitchen wall when we remodeled.

    And I thought about putting pictures on here of the shirtless contractors but it felt only right to protect the innocent. ;)


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