Friday, December 11, 2015

Suite Dreams Are Made of This

Ever since our master bedroom became livable back in June, our renovation velocity has slowed a bit in that part of the house. Sure, we styled the bookshelf, got the gallery wall up, organized the closet, and Mr. W installed most of the molding (after a spirited cursing fight) but the room felt like there was a huge hole in it because of the blank wall over our bed.

We had planned the entire room around this one piece of art. Not just any piece—a painting that our friend Pete did for Mr. W back in 2002. If you read this blog regularly, you know that we tragically lost Pete in 2012, so to have one of his paintings hanging above us every night is pretty much equivalent to having an angel chillin' over our headboard.

The only catch was, his original painting was about 15x20" and we wanted a 24x36" canvas. So we had a high-res scan of the painting made, Mr. W worked some Photoshop magic on it to adjust the aspect ratio (which took many hours), and then we had a company print the new image to look like it was painted on canvas.

This whole process took weeks, during which I said over and over to Mr. W (because he loves it when I do this) "You know what would really make the room feel finished? If we could get Pete's picture done." Rinse. Repeat. 

Though it was a long wait, it was worth it. Every time I walk into the room now, it makes me smile.

It also makes me smile that Mr. W has been plugging away on the master bathroom. He has the shower almost completely tiled (after many tedious days working to get the slope just right on the shower floor).

And last weekend, he built and veneered the bathtub surround. We're going with teak veneer in this bathroom and I think it's going to look so purty once it's varnished.

Here are a few examples of the aesthetic we're after:


If we're lucky, maybe by the end of the year he'll have the vanity built, too. Our countertop slab of French vanilla marble is just sitting at the local building supply waiting to be cut and installed. Once it's in, once the bathroom is workable, I'm prepared to celebrate with a glass of champagne and a bubble bath. Most likely followed by some touch-up spackling and painting...