Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All This AND They Filmed Fantasy Island Here

If there's anything the LA County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are known for,
it's peacocks. Not exactly sure how they became an occupant of the neighborhood,
but my grandmother always had them in her backyard when we were growing up.

Is there really any feather more gorgeous than a peacock's?

These octopus agave definitely caught Mr. Wonderful's and my eyes.
We planted several agaves in our front yard when we relandscaped
but these guys are way cooler.

I can't remember now what sort of tree this is—
something from the Philippines. Doesn't it look like someone took
pastel chalk and colored the trunk? It was like a beautiful So Cal sunset.

I had never seen a female peacock before. Nor did I know that her proper name is peahen.
Nor did I also know that the general name for these birds is peafowl.
Mr. W has peafowl sometimes after he eats asparagus.
How cute are the tiny, nearly camouflaged baby peachicks?

Teenage peachicks. I think I saw one of them texting.
The very elusive Photographis Wonderfulrus. Snapping some nice shots of kangaroo paw
(another plant that we have in our front yard) with his snazzy new camera.

All I can say is that I'm glad this wasn't Mr. W's nickname in college.
Nobody wants to marry a woollybutt. Unless he waxes regularly.

Canadian defectors.

These canna lilies reminded me of Hawaii. Or a wall of flame getting ready to engulf me.

I love love love waterlilies. In a future life, I'd like to spend a brief stint
as a frog, just so I can lounge on the petals and lily pad of one.

Tell me this doesn't look exactly like an alligator! I saw it and had to walk
all the way over to the shoreline to make sure it wasn't. Turned out
to be a palm frond or something bunched up in the water.

Mr. W and I both really liked this tree from Madagascar.
Doesn't it look like some cool mid-century sculpture or something?

There's nothing prettier than a Southwest/Tuscan colored bit of
architecture against a bright blue sky.

...except maybe a bunch of grapes...


  1. Peafowl post asparagus ... hahaha ... you were quite witty when writing this post, eh? =)

  2. You mean they didn't film Fantasy Island on an ISLAND? I am disappointed.

  3. Wow - beautiful and so close. Need to visit - it's been a long time. Mr. W did a great job with the new camera. Looks like fun.

  4. Here we go again with this "amp" thing!

  5. Did you eat at the cafe? Pretty good food there, as I recall...

    Geeky tip for Mom: try doing the ampersand twice. It's a "special" character on the web, so you often have to do it twice for the actual character to appear. I have to do it when I title blog posts, for example. :)

  6. Were you drinking wine when you wrote your captions? I'm sure Mr. W loves that the whole world now knows he has Peafowl. I bet you were very proud of yourself, as you thought up these little comments!

  7. The tree from Madagascar looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book for sure. I also guffawed aloud at the Canadian defectors. Yeah, we are among you. Bwah ha ha ha.

  8. Nilsa - You know I took great pride in writing that line!

    Sizzle - No, I'm sorry to say it wasn't on an island. But check this out: once when I was little, we saw Tattoo the midget in Kmart. Seriously.

    Mom - Those are actually my pictures, not his so thank you for the compliment.

    GH - We did have lunch at the cafe! It was much needed after walking in the stifling heat. Can I hire you to teach my mom how to use a computer properly? I have a hard time trying to explain anything to her - including ampersands.

    Sister - No I wasn't drinking, I'm just funny like that.

    Janice - So glad a native enjoyed that joke. ;)


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