Saturday, September 3, 2011

There's No Crying on the Doorstep of Possibility

The outpouring of sympathy and well wishes over my layoff have been quite astounding to me. I have to credit social media for a large chunk of that. After one post on Facebook, people I hadn't talked to in years were contacting me with optimistic notes and potential job leads.

As appreciative as I am for all the nice attention, I feel pretty strongly that I don't need sympathy. I wrote a post about this once before—about how everywhere we land in life is a direct result of the choices we make. I could've chosen to look for a new job months ago when I saw things starting to slip out of whack at work. But I chose to stay. I took the risk, I'll pay the price. It was my choice.

I have a hard time with people who play the victim because I believe that many rough situations are simply our opportunities to create change. Every day is a chance to take a different path. Turn things on their ears.

When my team got the news that our department was being shut down and our work being moved to the Sunnyvale office, I felt a mix of shock and sadness, but also a huge flood of excitement.

What did it all mean? Where would I go next? Was it a sign that I was supposed to move on to something new?

Yes. Of course it was a sign. The old Yahoo! door was swinging shut and 50 new ones were flying open in front of me. I would have time to write. I could get caught up on projects at home. I'd be able to take a little breather from a workload that's been wearing on me since January. I could possibly travel with Mr. Wonderful on his next movie.

The possibilities of what I could do with this layoff—this gift—and where I could go as a result of it were overwhelming.

Of course, when I got up and went to work the next day (we're on the books until Oct. 25th) I felt pretty blue.

But every time I stop and think about what this change could mean, I feel energized.

I may be the victim of a corporate amputation, but I am not a victim. I wish more people I knew would stop feeling sorry for themselves and start exploring the possibilities around them.

Sorry, I think I get saucy when I'm not under a day job's thumb...


  1. If you don't start back on your manuscript during this gift of free time I'm coming over to your house and hitting you on the head with a Tupperware lid.

  2. Janice - Thank you for starting my morning with something that made me crack up at my computer. You can absolutely hit me with a Tupperware lid. And don't worry - I'm close to being done re-editing the manuscript. And you know I'm going to ask you to read it when it's finished!!

  3. You have a great attitude and perspective. I'm glad you're in a place in your life where this isn't throwing you for a big loop. It IS an opportunity and there is so much possible for you. :-)

  4. I see things "slipping out of whack" around me, and I'm choosing to stay, too. Mostly because I work from home, make good money and don't really do a whole lot. I figure...I'm gonna pretty much ride this gravy train until they tell me to get off. I'm sure that station isn't more than a year out...or, seeing as how they're sending me off to some third world shit hole to train my replacements, maybe less. In any case, your attitude is right on. You're the second person close to me to get laid off in a week, which should make us all nervous, right? But, meh...what's the worst that can happen? We all lose everything and have to live off the land, carrying everything we own in a backpack. Wait a minute....

  5. Sizzle - I think it helps that I've been laid off before. It's old hat now. :) But I am really trying to focus on the excitement of the possibilities.

    HunnerWoof - I sure hope they don't replace you after making you fly to bugville for 3 weeks or however long it is. I have a feeling if you get laid off, you'll handle it even better than me and do 10x cooler stuff!

  6. AMEN! I can't wait to read about your adventures.

  7. Good for you! You are protecting your positivity. :) This is a pretty good opportunity to point yourself in a new direction!


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