Friday, November 11, 2011


What a neat date it is on the calendar, right?

Today is actually more than just a cool day for me. It's Mr. Wonderful's and my 4th anniversary of our very first date. Sadly, Mr. W has to celebrate all alone this year because I'm on vacation with my family. Although he might have mentioned something about this anniversary not counting anymore anyway because now we have a wedding anniversary to observe instead.

But it's been 4 years! FOUR YEARS.

That's crazy long. I always think about how high school is four years. And college (for most people...I was on the 5-year plan). At the time, that felt like an eternity. But now, years just fly by. I wonder if my parents who have been married for almost 48 years feel like it has flown by.

In our 1461 days together (there's a leap year in there, right?) we have done more than I've ever done with any other person I've ever known in my life. We've traveled to 10 countries, we've run a half marathon and completed a Muddy Buddy race, we've tried making cheese, we're in the process of trying to make wine, we've flown - just the two of us - in a teeny tiny plane, we've ridden on a motorcycle together, we've rowed around a pond in a rowboat, we've rollerbladed at the beach, we've both gone topless in a foreign country, and we've laughed almost every day we've been in each other's company. Not bad for two goofy control freaks.

Mr. W, I'm very sorry that I'm not with you to celebrate this now non-anniversary.

Thanks for helping me make that list up there nice and long. I look forward to assembling another one four years from now.

Happy 11.11.11!


  1. Happy Anniversary, love. It's been a wonderful and fast 4 years. I look forward to a lot more!

  2. awe - Happy Anniversary!

  3. Yay for anniversaries! I think even if you are married, celebrating that first date is a wonderful thing. I hope Mr. Darcy and I always celebrate it.

  4. the math geek in me always thinks in terms of percentages - four years is 11.3% of your entire lifetime. this means that you have been together for more than 1 minute out of every 10 living minutes of your life. congrats!

  5. we still always acknowledge our first date/day we met too...and we've been together almost double the time you guys have. as we grow older, we'll just have more dates to remember, which just means our lives are filled with memorable times and milestones to look back on and that's a great thing to have. :)


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