Friday, November 4, 2011

Warning: The Whiteboard Has Been Compromised

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wonderful and I were out for a morning training run when the subject of my impending layoff came up and he offered what he thought was some friendly advice. He told me I should make a list of all I wanted to accomplish during my time off because it could pass by quickly and I might regret not getting certain things done.

I, of course, interpreted this as him trying to micromanage me.

So I got really snippy and told him I didn't need him watching over me, making sure I wasn't sitting on the couch in my pajamas all day watching HGTV with a Dr. Pepper in hand. I have this tendency to get extremely defensive when I feel like someone is pressuring me or trying to boss me around. Which, Mr. W was not at all.

In fact, he was only telling me to make a list because the last time he was unemployed, he didn't map out his to-dos and then when it was time to go back to work he realized there were lots of things left undone that he had really hoped to accomplish. (He told me this while holding me by the shoulders and staring intently into my eyes so that I knew he was being sincere and not authoritative.)

The funny thing was, I probably would have made the exact list he was talking about anyway. But, thanks to his suggestion, I sat down at my favorite little whiteboard and penned out all the things I hoped to get done during my "transition" period.

Earlier this week as I slid into joblessness, I picked up the whiteboard to reexamine my list. I read through each line and then noticed a new one scrawled at the bottom in someone else's handwriting...

 I had to crop it to hide his real name, but it says: Practice BJs on Mr. W.

I have to wonder if his intention in telling me to write a list was simply so that he could add that to the bottom of it. He, of course, has no idea how that appeared on my whiteboard... I'm sure one of the cats wrote it.


  1. I think he just meant to write PB&J - so I'd practice my sandwich-making skills.

  2. That Mr. W is one smart cookie. It's always good to have a list, even if it's just for the sake of crossing things off to make yourself feel better. I make lists just for that reason alone. As for the bjs....point to Mr. W. That's pretty brilliant.

  3. I like your sandwich theory. Menfolk and their wacky senses of humor

  4. That doesn't look like my writing. Maybe your cat was trying to pimp you out to me since I feed him regularly.

  5. And I thought this was a family blog.

  6. Jane - I used to make lists to cross stuff off of them too and then I gave up list-making altogether. I was amazed that I could actually remember to do things without writing them down. We'll see if I remember that last line on my current list...

    Miss McCracken - Yes, I'm sure it was supposed to be PB&J...

    Mr. W - I've tried to get him to hold a pen several times and it doesn't work. I'm sure if it was you who wrote it, you were sleepwalking or something. You're far too innocent to ever intentionally write such a thing.

    Jeff - I think a lot of families are born out of to-do lists that begin with BJs, actually.

  7. He's clearly spent too much time around your brother.

  8. I'd tell Mr W that I wrote that list in order of priority. So, clearly giving BJs is a low priority and you'll get to it once the rest of the list has been addressed! =)

  9. Practice them on HIM, correct? Or maybe, a banana? ;-)

  10. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, thats so funny.

  11. that was pretty clever. to "practice" something is more of a continuous process without an end. you can never stop practicing so i don't know how you will ever be able to cross that off the list.


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