Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My 15 Minutes

Well guys, last night may have been my pinnacle. I may never again achieve the kind of fame I enjoyed 18 hours ago. Even before The Bachelor: The Women Tell All episode aired on the west coast, I was getting reports from friends on Facebook that they had seen me on their big screens. I had officially made it. 

When I arrived to my sister's house for her weekly Bachelor viewing party, and my niece brought out a sequined prom dress she had purchased (but intends to return), I did the only thing a proper celebrity could think of doing. I put on the prom dress myself and answered the door for some of the party guests. 

Then I posed for a picture holding the Bachelor Ben sign and chocolate rose my sister has handy at every one of her Monday-night events. 

Don't ask about the inexplicable mini Christmas tree on the right that's covered in Valentine's decorations. I have no answers for you.

Our group of viewers was watching the episode on a slight delay, so my only indicator that my dear friend SBW and I had made it on the close-up cam was a text from her that said "WOW" about an hour into the show. When we finally got around to that scene, everyone in the room cheered. I fist-pumped. It was glorious.

After several more sightings, I came home to find Mr. W perched on the couch fast forwarding through the show, looking for his starlet bride. I offered him an autograph, but he politely declined. 

Sadly, when I woke up this morning, I was back to being a slipper-wearing, cat-talking-to, home-working face in the crowd. My fifteen minutes were officially up.

The history books may not ever credit me with curing cancer or inventing calorie-free wine and cheese, but at least my Wikipedia page will tell the tale of the girl who got zoomed in on four times during Bachelor Season 16's Women Tell All

An endeavor most people would die to have on their lifetime achievement list.


  1. This MIGHT be bigger than my appearance on The People's Court a few years back. Possibly. And of course I heard all about this already from Pam...all the way down to the fact your mom went to your sister's house in her pajamas to watch. So this is very big news in the family. Very big.

  2. I feel honored and humbled to have been a part of this historic event. Plus, being greeted by you in a sequined evening gown is not something I'll soon forget.

  3. Ha, that is awesome. I have about three seconds of fame in the movie Lucas. I'm sitting in a pep rally at the end of the aisle wearing my football jersey, a hat and walkman. Yes, a walkman. It was 1985 I think. I knew it was me cuz of my football number and remembering where I sat. Your Hollywood career is moving faster and more gloriously than mine!

  4. LOVE it! Matt and I (yes, he's kinda sucked into watching it with me) saw you several times and were so excited when we did! I have so many questions for you, now that you can talk about it! Better suited for an email I think- I'll spare your nice readers my crazy Ben questions!

  5. wow. that's awesome. a truly remarkable accomplishment worthy of a wikipedia entry. sorry i missed it. i would have fist-pumped too. congratulations!

  6. I don't see it as your 15 minutes of fame. I see it as training for greatness.

  7. Wow, I applaud you and this momentous occasion. And being in the midst of some certainly crazy people and not going crazy yourself just further credits what a special event this was. ;)

  8. This is very exciting. Almost as exciting as the Bachelor showing up at my local grocery store to do autographs last week.

  9. Since I cannot, will not, comment on THAT show, I will say this: if I ever fit into a teenager's prom dress, then my life will be complete! =)

  10. That is pretty frikkin' amazing! Love the gown! I think the only thing that could have been better is if you were wearing it ON TV :)

  11. "got zoomed in on..." So that's what they're calling it these days.

  12. Laura - OMG you were on People's Court? Did you sue someone or were you in the audience? My mom actually showed up in some sort of tiny sundress. I think she wears it when she go-go dances.

    Anita - I'm so glad you were there! And I'm impressed that you lasted through all the chatter and yelling!

    WowTWA - You so need to send me an autographed picture. Lucas was MY FAVORITE movie in 5th grade!! I even sent away for a signed picture of Corey Haim after that. I adore that movie.

    Brookem - Lay 'em on me! I'll tell you everything I can without breaching my 5 million dollar contract. :)

    Notsoberkeleymom - It was pretty darn exciting. Especially when my mom told me she saw a clip of me even on the morning news the next day!

    Janice - You are the best. :)

    LesleyG - I dunno - wearing the sparkle dress may have been the indicator that I did indeed go crazy.

    Mandy - No way! That is so funny! I had no idea he did stuff like that. And at the grocery store, no less. Very classy.

    Nilsa - You kill me.

    Miss McCracken - The gown felt like I'd stolen it from Barbie's closet!

    Jeff - Perv.


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