Friday, March 16, 2012

Ooga Booga and Other Caveman Anniversary Sentiments

I am pre-writing and scheduling this so that it posts while Mr. W and I are on the road. See, I don't want him to know about the sneaky (and likely to be terrifying) surprise I have for our one-year wedding anniversary trip to San Luis Obispo this weekend.

Right around the time of our ceremony last year, Mr. W informed me that he had booked The Caveman Room at the Madonna Inn (where we got engaged) for our first anniversary. I cannot believe it's already time for the trip. The last 365 days have absolutely flown by. 

I made a joke back then about how The Caveman Room (yes, I believe it warrants initial caps) would not be complete without costumery. So I got to work figuring out how I could possibly construct a loincloth for my poor, darling, shy husband.

A couple weeks ago, I remembered that I had more than one article of leopard-print clothing in my Halloween bin in the garage. So I rifled through it one day, found a dress and a skirt (both velvet, tres chic) and cut and sewed them into proper caveman and woman attire.

Mr. W is probably going to have a stroke when I whip these out of my suitcase.

Even if I can get him drunk enough to put on the homemade Tarzan Banana Hammock, (again, initial caps totally necessary there) I will not be posting pictures. You all can just use your imagination.

Have a great weekend!


  1. HA! Nice sewing work, though. Happy Anniversary!

  2. oh good can your write a post like this and NOT post a pic of him it! Happy Anniversary you two....can't believe it's been a year already!!!

    Oh...and be prepared for hearing a lot of... "you've already been married a year? When are you going to have kids?"

  3. I really do think this post inspires the use of...T.M.I.!!!!

    But, congrats on your first anniversary!

  4. If there are no pictures, then it didn't happen. Just like you topless in Europe.

  5. Your dad is having a heart attack! TMI!! But I do say you did a nice job making the "costumes" or "attire"
    or whatever it is! Perhaps you can add your "ooga booga" creativity to your Etsy store.
    Happy happy anniversary to both of you.
    Oh, by the way; you've already been married a year,
    when are you going to have kids!

  6. I am dying to hear Mr. W's reaction. A video of that would have been sufficient - don't need to see any more than his face!

  7. I think this is clever and just enough. I do hope you had a lovely time, and that the costumes fit for the duration needed.

  8. That? Is a million kinds of awesome. I hope the weekend away was amazing!

  9. You're so clever, Mrs W! Hope you're having a stellar time on your trip!

  10. Lesley - Fortunately, the sewing was minimal. Mostly, it was cutting fabric to make it all tiny and shredded.

    Laura - We got hit with the kids question a ton when we were in St. Louis. Super fun. And maybe I'll use the pictures we took in this year's Christmas card...

    Hunner - TMI is the cornerstone of this blog, my friend.

    Jeff - You'll never let that one go, will you?

    Mom - Let me know if you and dad need to borrow our outfits.

    Sister - You are one of the few I will for sure share the pictures with.

    Miss McCracken - Thank you. Not sure if clever is the right word - perhaps "crazy." :)

    Sizzle - Hahaha thank you! It seemed like a must.

    Mandy - I aim to please.

    Nilsa - Sometimes I think Mr. W wishes I weren't so "clever."


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