Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gurgle and Hiss

Last night Mr. W went out to a fancy dinner with one of the vendors from his recent film and as I was dozing on the couch in his absence, I heard a peculiar sound. It was sort of like a hissing, gurgling noise.

At first I assumed it was the cats snoring. I ignored it and continued to nap on our lovely new sectional.

But then I went to get some water in the kitchen and heard the strange sound again.

I flipped on the patio light to see if there was some sort of rabid creature outside the back door. Then I turned the faucet on and off to flush the pipes in case it was some strange plumbing issue.

But the mysterious sound continued.

Finally I noticed a large bubble coming from the side of Mr. W's jar of bread dough. It had bubbled up and was eeking out the closed lid. Although I opened it and poured some down the drain, by this morning it looked like this:

Which is very coincidental because Mr. W also overflowed last night. Right into the Porcelain God, thanks to too much expensive wine with his friends.

I just love it when parallels pop up in life. Especially when I'm not responsible for either of them!

Hopefully both culprits are done spewing for the day.


  1. Hahaha - you're so clever. Thanks for the midday laugh!

  2. Thank you for letting everyone know.

  3. As an adult it's probably good to have only the occasional overflow hiss/gurgle to remind you what not to do. Even easier if someone else reminds you. :)

  4. Poor Mr. W....and yet in the same moment I am awestruck that he's making what I'm assuming is sourdough starter?? This would nulify a multitude of sins in my book, yes indeed.

  5. Don't worry Mr. was so cleverly written that I'm sure hardly anyone noticed the fact that you puked from too much wine.

  6. Throwing up is the worst! I hope Mr. W has recovered.

  7. It's ok Mr. W. I am sure it was just acid reflex, or as my mother called it "a juicy burp". Don't be embarrassed,
    it happens to the best of us.

  8. Oh dear Lord that is funny. It's always a lesson when we overflow...:)

  9. I love that you keep looking for things until you find it. Whether it be lizards, bugs, or gurgling noises, I always enjoy reading about your investigations!


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