Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Dozen

Today I turned three dozen. It's kind of fun to think of your age as a few sheets of cookies or cartons of eggs. And we only get to turn a dozen every 12 years, so I think that makes these birthdays kind of special.

I felt awfully lucky when Mr. W suggested (after making me bacon...mmm...and French toast for breakfast) that we go look at new couches during lunchtime. I LOVE furniture shopping. Even if I'm not buying anything. Going into home design stores is like going into candy factories (or wineries) for me. I get giddy.

Anyway, we've been cruising couch websites because of this:

And this:

And sometimes this:

Despite the fact that Mr. W has owned his couch for nine years and that some of our friends won't even come over to watch movies at our house because the couch is so tiny, the thing that finally pushed him over the purchase edge was the fact that he was getting too crowded by the cats.

So today he bought this (color has been fudged in Photoshop because the picture on the website was bright magenta):

What he doesn't realize is that even with all the space the new couch offers, the cats will likely still be right on top of us.

In the midst of our shopping, we stopped at Culver City's famous Tito's Tacos for lunch. I texted an old Yahoo! coworker to tell him I was there (it's his favorite) and he happened to be on his way there at the exact same time, so he joined us for lunch. Birthday luck.

As I sat munching on chips and salsa with post-couchal glow, I felt so happy to be having such a simple, yet wonderful birthday.

Not all the birthdays were like this. I can think of one that included sobbing in a bathtub in Carmel and another that involved a screaming match and throwing a certain present at a certain belligerent boyfriend. Those were all years before I met Mr. W, of course. Three cheers and four deep breaths for being drama-free at 36. Whew!

But something else is at play this birthday. A sort of calm mixed with excitement at the sense of possibility and openness I feel in my life right now. Last year's birthday was great, but I definitely felt stuck in a rut. Thirty-five felt heavy and confining. Likely because I was tied to the same job I'd been in for five years prior. I launched an Etsy store in an effort to spice things up.

Well, this year I wasn't exactly looking to spice things up—more so follow that sense of possibility toward something I'm really passionate about: dating and relationships. So I finally finished the book I've been tinkering with for 4 years, I self-published it and I started a new website to go with it.

Introducing The Path to

I'm excited to dive into this world and hopefully make contact with some single gals (and guys!) who are anxious to learn more about dating and manifesting.

Now that I finally have the book and the site done, I'll finally be able to get back to reading all your blogs more frequently!

That's another thing that makes this birthday happy!


  1. Whoa, I didn't realize our bdays were so close! Mine is in 2 weeks. Happy birthday! Reading your blog is actually made me look forward to marriage (unlike my usual stance of being terrified of it and obviously not even being close to that state yet). :P

  2. Huge congrats! I cannot wait to have time to visit your book! I had to chuckle at "Three cheers and four deep breaths for being drama-free at 36." SO true! (ps. I love your cats--they look so comfy)

  3. You might have just turned three dozen, but you don't look a day over three decades! =) Happy belated birthday to a wonderful soul!

  4. Our cats do the SAME thing. In fact. Dottie is forever on Darcy's legs the moment he stretches out. She deceptively heavy for a little cat.

    I love that you had a good birthday and launched into something you feel passionate about. What a gift to give yourself- following your own heart! :-)

    Love the couch. I am the same way about design/furniture stores. I could spend hours in West Elm or Crate & Barrel.

  5. Ah hahaha I don't even have the words (re: couch).

    So glad that you had a great birthday and that you've finished your book! You rock. Tackling those goals with ferocity.

  6. I think you're going to regret not going with magenta! Look at you, doing all kinds of big-kid stuff. And you don't look a day over two dozen. :)

    I'm going to go see your new site now! Fun!

  7. happy birthday!!! sorry I wasn't around to give you the official Facebook Birthday wish. :) Hope you had a fantastic birthday just the same...but it sure sounds like you did.

  8. Happy Birthday. You must be so proud of yourself. You have accomplished so much.

    Since my b-day is just around the corner and I am a year older than you I guess I will be 2 and a bakers dozen.

  9. Jane - Happy birthday back at ya! I have no doubt that you'll have a happy marriage - mountain climbing and traveling included. :)

    Chantel - Thank you! The cats are cracking me up - they have been choosing to stay on the old couch (which is still in the house) rather than break in the new one.

    Nilsa - You are so sweet. My crow's feet thank you.

    Sizzle - It must be some weird innate thing with them! Happy Birthday to you, fellow Aries. :)

    HHP - We're saving the old couch for you guys as a wedding gift!

    LesleyG - Thank you. Although you may up your dozen count when we meet in person. :)

    Laura - Thanks! It was a great one. 36 is going to be a good year!

    Suzy - I love your counting. I'm going to use that next year!

  10. *applause* *applause* Hooray! Off you check out your new site now.

    Happy birthday and congradulations on everything.

    The 30s ROCK. 40s are even better.


  11. What? That's AWESOME! Happy Birthday! Congratuations on your BOOK!! Love the couch cats!



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