Friday, November 9, 2012

When Your Baby Becomes Your Daddy AKA Oooooh Busted!

I'm writing this post because Mr. W is on a plane right now. So I know I can delay my punishment. Here's what happened while he was gone this week...

I was sitting on our relatively new couch, still in my jammies at about noon on Tuesday, when I noticed some very chipped polish on one of my toenails. I went to the medicine cabinet, grabbed the appropriate bottle, and settled back onto the couch to touch up my toe.

Veeery carefully, I opened the bottle, scraped the superfluous polish from the brush, and swiped it across my nail. I thought I had been very diligent about making sure the brush and its wand were free of any extra drips, but all of the sudden, one fell out of nowhere right onto the new couch.

My first thought was MR. W IS GOING TO KILL ME.

In my mind, he morphed from my husband into my father and I knew I was going to be grounded for life for being so irresponsible. It's funny how those moments of spouse-as-parent can pop up in a marriage. I know friends who have worried about minor car collisions because they think they'll get in big trouble with their significant other. I know women who hide shopping purchases because they're trying to avoid a scolding, and men who lie about how many beers they consumed because they don't want a tongue lashing from the Mrs.

As quickly as I could, I tried to transfer the dark pink polish from the sofa to my fingers. I thought if I could work fast, maybe it wouldn't sink into the fabric at all. Wrong... I raced to the bathroom, cursing and palpitating, grabbed the polish remove and a q-tip and returned to the scene of the crime. The polish remover didn't seem to do a dang thing to remove the color from the couch.

Thank God for Google.

I went online, found some tips that involved spraying water on the spot and using a clean cloth to dab it instead of just a q-tip. It seemed to lessen the severity of the spill, although if you look closely, there is still some visible evidence of it. We'll see if Mr. W notices it when he gets home tonight.

I'm hoping he won't. I really don't want to lose my phone privileges for the month...


  1. There's wifi everywhere now.

    You're grounded and not allowed to paint or cut or glue gun anything near any of our non-disposable items.

  2. Hahaha! Am I doubly punished now for spilling and blogging about it whilst making jokes about hiding it from you?

  3. That's a huge fear of mine! And now? You're so busted. ;-)

  4. Oh man, I do that at people's houses all the time with nail polish or paint and then try to hide it. Once, I spilled an entire thing of blush powder on someone else's rug, so I flipped it.

  5. Ha - you're caught (as I see from Mr W's comment). I was going to suggest not saying a thing to him ... and then when it takes him 6 months to notice, he can't be mad, because he lived with it for that long without even realizing it. hahaha. I did that to my mom when I got my ear double pierced as a teenager without her approval. I never told her about it until she discovered it (4 months later) and by that time, it had become a big joke, so she couldn't be mad (and she wasn't, thankfully!).

  6. I love this...I ALMOST bought a puppy on Friday without telling Danny...and everyone at the pet store was crowded around with the "older", wiser women saying, "awww come on, how long will he be mad, a day???" Of course he wouldn't even be mad for 5 minutes, but I did have the same feeling of having to check in with the parents (Danny & Bernie) before bringing home a puppy. :)

  7. Sizzle - I should have password protected the post... ;)

    Jane - Remind me not to invite you over! I think you'd get us BOTH in trouble!

    Nilsa - I bet he would have taken even longer than 6 months. Fortunately it was on the front where your legs rest, not the top where you sit. I love that it took your mom 4 months to notice your earrings. Classic.

    Laura - You totally should have bought the puppy!! I love that Danny and Bernie are the parents. Does that mean you're an additional child? Bern Dog needs another sibling. :)


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