Friday, February 8, 2013

Airport Affection

Call me crazy, but I kind of love waiting for flights at the airport.

It may be the fact that I can sit totally uninterrupted and catch up on my never-ending supply of magazines. Or that I often purchase smutty magazines and snacks I wouldn't normally buy. Or maybe it's because the terminals feel a bit like mini cities—with their enticing storefronts and crowded restaurants. It could be the simplicity of having all my necessary belongings consolidated into one or two neat little bags. Or the fact that I know I'm headed out on an adventure of some sort.

Maybe it's a magical combination of all of the above.

Whatever it is, it makes me happy every time. It's almost like going to the airport triggers the same synapses in my brain that a trip to the spa does. The promise of free time and relaxation.

(I can almost hear Mr. W's eyes rolling right now as he formulates an argument that airports are filled with crying babies and overly loud phone-talkers.)

The first time Mr. W and I took at trip to Europe together, I quickly learned that our travel styles weren't exactly...twinsies. He has no problem running through train stations or getting to the airport just in time to make it through security and board the flight. That mode of operating deprives me of my beloved terminal quiet time. It's definitely not my favorite.

But with him gone—and needing to be visited regularly—I'm on my own for the next five months' worth of travels. And in addition to fully enjoying my airport time, I'm going to soak up the beauty of Canada as well. I really can't complain about the view here!





  1. I'm with you - I have an affection for the chaos in airports, especially when I can just sit and watch, rather than be a part of it. Mr. W looks like he has some pretty sweet digs - enjoy your time with him!

  2. I think I used to love airports more than I do now. I do love people watching, and there is no better place for it. But the flying experience is such a mess anymore, I start to get weirded out just thinking about it. Or maybe I'm just getting old. :)
    It looks like you have a great place to stay and visit up there in Canada, eh! haha Vancouver is one of my favorite cities-- I called it the New York of the West. Love the diversity.

  3. That apartment? (hotel?)looks awesome.

    I like going to airports too. I like to people watch and wonder where they are going and why.

  4. Yes, big eye roll from me. I hate sitting at the airport wasting time!

  5. Well, obviously the production company isn't exactly putting you up in the Motel-6...

    I think you like airports for a much deeper reason. Think about it: you only hang out in airports when you're going somewhere, for the most part. When you're coming home, most likely you breeze through the airport to your ride. When you're waiting at the airport, you're about starting or continuing a journey, and the longer that you're there, the longer that anticipation lasts. And, just like seeing a wrapped present, who doesn't enjoy the anticipation?

  6. I'm waving to you from Seattle!

    I do not like rushing to the airport. That makes me feel very sick to my stomach. I have enough travel anxiety as it is and know that I need to have everything in alignment including arriving with plenty of time, to keep a full on panic attack at bay. Darcy knows my ways and we've learned to travel together quite nicely (thank goodness).

  7. I like having lots of time to enjoy waiting for the airport. being rushed and late is stressful! the crying babies don't irritate me as much as the parents who refuse to hold them. PICK UP YOUR DAMN BABY!

    I hope you have an awesome time in Canada! What a great view and place to unwind!

  8. Nilsa - People-watching is great there for sure.

    Lesley - Yeah, flying isn't as fun as it used to be but I still don't mind it too much. I was surprised the first time I went to Vancouver a couple years ago by how much of a "scene" it is there! I expected it to be way more granola!

    Suzy - Thanks for stopping by! I'm so behind on your blog. Ugh. Yes the apartment is pretty cool. Even though it's tiny, the windows make it feel big.

    Mr. W - I know, dear...

    GeekHiker - You're like Yoda, man. Very astute point!

    Sizzle - I'm waving back. ;) I think it's the control freak in us that makes us not like the rushing. Not that that's a bad thing!

    MissMcCracken - Seriously - I always like when parents walk up and down the aisle with their babies. Usually they're not crying when that's happening so they seem pretty cute.

  9. I'm with you. Well, not literally with you. But with you in spirit. I also love airports. They're the first ones to get the new magazines, and if you have a morning flight they're fresh because they haven't been thumbed through yet. I like it all - getting to the gate early, people-watching. I always as for the full body pat down at security. Because seriously, where else can you get that for free?


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