Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Culinary Tour of the Pacific Northwest

We were walking down the stairs on our way to Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle when my friend Foodie said, "Since it's your first time, you should really hold it in your mouth for a little while. Don't just swallow it right away."

I stopped in my tracks and told her that kind of instruction might sound really perverse taken out of context. 

But she was talking about oysters, and we were walking to happy hour at Elliot's to cross a very important to-do off my life list.

When I turned 30, a couple of girlfriends and I made lists of things we wanted to accomplish before we were 40. The only two I can remember now are "go to a topless beach" and "eat an oyster." So Foodie was helping me finally nip that one in the bud.

She told me I should use cocktail sauce since it was my first time. I definitely liked that better than the champagne-shallot ice she chose to put on hers. As directed, I held the little blob in my mouth before chewing and swallowing, and was surprised by how non-rubbery it was. It was sort of like the center of a pickle. It even tasted a little pickly to me. So I ate 4 more. 

Not sure I'll be ordering these from the menu ever again, but I'm very glad I tried them. I definitely feel more cultured now.

Our other culinary adventures included a trip to Homegrown to join Sizzle for lunch. What a treat! And I think I might have had the best ham sandwich I've ever eaten in my life there.

Foodie and I also hit up Pike Place Market to buy some fish—and she prepared the most delicious dinner for me that night. Lingcod, fresh asparagus and romanesco, cabbage salad with crispy pork belly. I felt like I had a pork belly by the time all was said and done.

Saturday, Mr. W drove down from Vancouver and we set out to wine taste in Woodinville. But first, Foodie took us to the Melrose Market to load up on picnic supplies. I think I could have stayed at the cheese counter there for days asking for samples. The weather was fantastic, and the patio at Chateau Ste Michelle winery was a perfect spot for our meal. Fortunately we didn't have any duck pate with us. I think we would have offended the locals...

Mr. W and I drove back to Vancouver Sunday morning, making a very important stop at Trader Joe's before crossing the border. That night, we met his best buddy and his fiance for some of the fanciest sushi I've ever seen. 

And it tasted even better than it looked.

My stay was capped off with a home-cooked meal I made for Mr. W last night after he got off work. Spaghetti sauce from scratch and a nice green salad followed by some frozen Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I think he was pretty happy to come home to a wife in the kitchen after his long day. 

He's supposed to fly down to LA for a last-minute meeting on Friday. Fingers crossed it doesn't fall through. I'm making some nice dinner reservations for Saturday night just to be safe...


  1. Having just finished wiping the drool from my chin...

    Sounds like such fun love; and your friend, Foodie, is a gem!

  2. It was SO FUN to see you. Thanks for fitting me in. This post is making me want to go to places in my own town which is a nice treat. ;-) I love oysters. Mmmmmm!

  3. You could "hold it in your mouth for a little while. Don't just swallow it right away." while going to a topless beach ... just saying. hahaha. Sounds like a great trip. I love oysters, especially since one version is named after the town where my parents have a beach house (Wellfleet). So glad you're getting to spend some well-deserved time with Mr. W!!!

  4. Oh, my. I don't know how everyone does the oysters. I just... I can't. I will try to be adventurous in other ways. :)

    Love seeing you and Sizzle! Hope your plans with your Mr. stay put!

  5. oh, i LOVE my oysters! love em! Its a plus that whey i eat them it grosses everyone else out, too!

  6. Chantel - Foodie is a total gem. There's nothing better than having a friend who you can moan with over a delicious dinner. :P

    Sizzle - It was so fun seeing YOU! That just worked out perfectly! And yes - take advantage of your amazing city! The food there is so fantastic!!

    Nilsa - You kill me! I kept thinking of you saying "Free the Girls!" when I was writing this post. :)

    Lesley - They were surprisingly better than I thought they would be. Maybe you need to give them another shot (maybe along the coast somewhere - not in CO!) :)

    Slyde - I'm not sure there's a truly attractive way to eat oysters!


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