Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunshine and Flowers vs. Cat-Hair Tumbleweeds

Our house in Hollywood is starting to feel like my neglected child. While his mom is out spending time with her new lover (Santa Ynez), he's all locked up and alone, with only the cats to keep him company. I'm hoping he doesn't start attracting sketchy friends and huffing glue when I'm not around.

The contrast between the two properties is starting to grow more and more apparent. I've shared some pictures of my favorite super girly bedroom in Santa Ynez before, but I thought I'd do a little update because I've added a few more touches (and I just like looking at pictures of her).

The room gets such great light in the early afternoon. I want to just
lie on the bed and read a book.

Although I painted the sliding closet doors, I left the wall cupboard and drawers yellow
because eventually we plan to rip them out to gain some extra space in the
neighboring bathroom. Why paint when you're going to demo, right?

This little stool was $5.99 at IKEA and I think it makes a great place to put
a phone or glass of water before bed. Mr. W was mad at me for spending money on it.
As if he doesn't drink $6 worth of wine and just pee it out every week...

Yet another beef Mr. W has had with me over the house: Too many new rugs.
Since we bought the house, I've purchased 3. But they make such a difference in
their rooms! This one was from RugsUSA. I think on sale...

The bicycle pillow is one of my favorite things in the room. I found it on Joss & Main
and with a discount I had, it only cost me about $10 before shipping. I just think
it's so quirky and cute. Totally makes me smile when I walk in the room.
It's like a little girl's paradise in there, right? My brother, sister-in-law and nieces went to stay at the house recently and apparently when the littlest one saw the room, she said, "It's beautiful in here." My sentiments exactly.

The Hollywood house, on the other hand...not so beautiful. Here are some shots of what it's been looking like lately:

Between the laundry from Santa Ynez and the clothes in my hamper, I had a good,
solid 4 loads to do yesterday. As you can see, Zoë doesn't mind the mess.

One of my favorite dumping spots for papers, cords, and the occasional
shark-fin-shaped ice cube tray...

Some of these are clean, some of them are dirty. The sink was so bad I
couldn't even take a picture of it. Good thing I'm husbandless right now.

This is just a tiny snapshot of the cat hair issue that pervades our house.
Or at least how it's been lately since I've been putting my vacuuming
efforts to work at a different locale.
I'm really looking forward to having only one house to take care of again. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it on the side of sunshine and cleanliness rather than clutter and tumbleweeds. That is, if the garden and chickens don't start dominating all of my tidying time...


  1. So I see a slight problem with all this. Hollywood was not always cat hair tumble weeds and too much stuff. We'll have waaaayyy too much stuff once we bring all the stuff from Hollywood to Santa Ynez which will have a lot of stuff since you keep buying things! Then we'll have double stuff and you'll be writing posts how our once lovely house is too cluttered.

    1. Dear Pot,
      Quit calling the kettle black. How many bags of stuff have YOU taken to the Goodwill in the last year??

    2. Not as many as you, and usually there is some of your stuff mixed in! :P

  2. Out with the old and in with the new!

    P.S. When do the cats move to the new place?

    1. The cats will be moving when I officially move - probably August or September. I'm hoping they magically stop shedding in their new environment...

  3. I think a $6 stool is a deal! And with limitless color options (hi, spray paint!) you will no doubt have it for a long time to come. Also, what is the point of cleaning the old house a million times when you know the BIG move-out cleaning is on the horizon? You're doing it right. :)

    1. I agree - that stool could be in our lives for years to come! And I really like your thinking on not bothering to clean the Hollywood house. ;)

  4. That room is very lovely. And you know what? Men don't understand the need for throw pillows or rugs. I have this battle with Mr. Darcy. When he makes our bed, he always "forgets" to put on the throw pillows. I can't rib him too much about it because I'm just glad he's making the bed (I hate to do it).

    The bit about Mr. W peeing out wine- HA!

    1. I love that "forgets" is in quotations marks. You're so right - men just don't understand these very important decorating matters!

  5. You forgot to post a pic of Mr. W peeing out the wine. :) The house looks great! I'm excited for you guys to move there full time!

    1. Darn it! I knew I forgot something... I'm very excited too - maybe you'll be coming up to do the half marathon with me again next year??

  6. Oooh this is the exciting/frustrating part! :) that's a lot of cat hair too. And think of this, you're helping the economy by purchasing new things and donating the old. Yeah! That's the ticket! I love the bedroom. It's like springtime!

  7. I think that's one advantage my Parents had marrying young: they started growing the house together right from the start. If I move in with someone now, we'll both have the stuff of two grown and mature adults. Clutter nightmare!


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