Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Peachy

These guys have gotten more golden since I snapped this pic last week. Yummah.

While I've been busy running all over the continent like a madwoman, the trusty old backyard has been slowly, surely mustering all the fruits of summer. Today I grabbed a peach from the tree (even though they're small, they're beginning to fall off) and it was sweet and fuzzy and delightful. I plan to make caprese salad later in the week with peaches, cherry tomatoes, burrata and a balsamic reduction.

Look at this branch on March 1st:

If ever I wanted to subsist on a diet of tomatoes alone, now would be the time to do it.

I let these guys go to flower because they were starting to be a bit tough. Although
the sister plants behind them are producing more yummy little guys, so I ate one
with my bruschetta tonight.

I have no idea what we'll end up doing with the grapes. I think Mr. W may want to
try to make wine. But I plan to leave that endeavor entirely up to him...

That little green bud in the middle has turned into my first zucchini of the year. Very
exciting. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll have so many I'll have to give them away!

I noticed the half-eaten ripe figs on the ground before I saw the babies in the trees.
Apparently we get an early crop every year and the squirrels got to them before I could!

As wonderful as our backyard bounty always is, I was quite taken with the stuff I saw growing in Hawaii over the weekend. Mr. W was the best man in a dear friend's wedding, so we soaked in some very tasty sights over the course of a few days. One of which being this gorgeous pineapple that was growing at, of all places, a shopping center! I don't know if we can grow these in Santa Ynez, but I would sure love to try!

Totally want to slice it up and throw it on the grill to eat with a burger.

I think if I could grow any kind of tree, banana would be it. I would love to have fresh
ones to throw in my morning smoothies!

I had no idea this was what coffee looked like before it had been picked and processed.

With each season, I'm more excited to plant the garden at the new house. I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life right now and she totally has me convinced to start eating more seasonally. I think becoming dependent on the backyard rather than the grocery store will make me much more accountable when it comes to that. Unless I can convince Mr. W to build a kickass greenhouse...


  1. Awww, I love this post. Is that a flowering artichoke? I've never seen them flower before - beautiful! If we had the space (and if I had the patience), I'd love to grow our own food. I am totally with you re. eating more seasonally (although, in the winter time, I tend to crave a lot of fruit that definitely is not local). Can't wait for you to start your new adventure in food-growing up north!

  2. Wow your yard is full of goodness! We just have one cherry tree that the birds get to before we can (but they lovingly drop pits and poo all over my car in the driveway to remind me that that's all we get of the bounty). You've got such a green thumb!

  3. I love how much food you're growing! I am growing tomatoes this year. I figured in a time of transition I could plant them in pots and move them if need be. And I'm happy to say they're doing great-- bloomed right on time and I have a few junior tomatoes already. So exciting! Even if all food is better out of your backyard, I have to say I think tomatoes are one of those where you can so distinctly taste the difference between home grown and store bought. SO much better at home!

  4. I'm never going to get tired of you taking pictures of all the kick ass things growing on your property that you can eat! It's exciting to think of the possibilities you'll have at the new house. And you know, a little greenhouse could look really lovely :)


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