Friday, February 21, 2014

Sleeping Buds Are Wide Awake Over Here

While many of my Midwestern and East Coast friends have been freezing their tooshies off, buried in ice and snow (hi, Nilsa) I've been basking in warm sun, trying to keep my plants somewhat hydrated during California's worst drought in decades. Although I did get buried in an avalanche of ad copywriting work this week, so I can relate to the feeling of being trapped in your house by a terrifying vortex...

The strange and sad byproduct of our drought and ridiculously high temps is that most of the trees around town think it's time to wake up and start celebrating spring. I first noticed bursting blooms several weeks ago—the trees in town were completely covered. It's a really strange sight to see so early in the year, and made me worry about the state of everything come summer and fall. I'm sure our fire danger will be pretty darn high this year.

But even though it seems wrong for so many flowers to be stretching their arms and opening their sleepy eyes, it sure is getting pretty around the yard...

I think this is a peach tree. We'll probably find out sooner than later...

I thought this was an apple tree but I'm not sure whether apple trees flower in the spring. Clearly, I have a long way to go before I can call myself a real farmer.
These girls have popped up two years in a row—cute little volunteers. I had to look them up because I didn't know what they were. Spring snowflakes. Adorable.
In December, we got hit by a pretty bad frost that wiped out all new growth on the Meyer lemon tree. It's just starting to recover and I couldn't be more excited. Mr. W and I have been drinking warm lemon water every morning as part of our new 2014 routine.
The bees are pretty psyched to have so many flowers on the rosemary bush.
I had to get a new camera in the fall (the other got cupcake icing in it during the move...) and for the life of me I can't get the macro feature to focus. Anyway, the lavender has begun to bloom along with all the others and I hope it comes in strong so I can make relaxing sachets with it later in the year.
The calla lilies are lookin' good and kind of making me anxious for Easter.
The roses still look a little haggard from the frost, but they're working hard to detract attention from all the weeds speckling the front yard.
In spite of the drought and untimely spring activity, the Buddha is still smiling. “Three things cannot be long hidden," he says, "the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


  1. Apples definitely do flower in the spring, and that's almost for sure what you've got there. :-) Makes me homesick for my apple trees back in CO - they have the absolute most heavenly fragrance in the whole world. Spend a LOT of time out there with your face in the flowers, if you can. Thank you for all the gorgeous photos of spring! -KJ

  2. Awwww, blue skies, flowering buds, green trees ... what are those?!? Looks beautiful out there!


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