Monday, April 7, 2014

Weedwacking and West Nile Disease

Something has taken up residence in my stomach today and has forced me to be couch-bound with a cold washcloth on my forehead for most of the day. No, I'm not's not that kind of stomach bug...

Naturally, I decided that I probably contracted West Nile or Lyme Disease or some other bug-born illness from doing too much yard work and cleaning the garage (to make room for the new kitchen cabinets coming). Mr. W insists that I just have a wimpy immune system. But I don't know how that could be when this body kicked so much butt over the weekend.

On Saturday, Mr. W taught me how to use the weedwacker, and I took our side/garden yard from this:

To this:

It was sort of like vacuuming, but it smelled like green smoothies. My biceps vibrated for about 3 hours afterwards, but I felt so cool and accomplished, I didn't mind the pain.

I will say I wish the yard still looked like it did when Mr. W covered the ground with straw. But this whole country living thing is really just an ongoing battle between man and nature. We can't always win.

The good news is, the side yard has seen some exciting action over the last couple weeks. Our planter boxes sent up some teeny baby asparagus sprouts (which sadly we cut off because Farmer Maris said we had to).

And the strawberries are starting to flower.

In spite of being on its last legs, the little tree near the chicken coop has also produced some fruit. We're not sure whether they're apricots or peaches, but we'll take whatever we can get. (Isn't baby fruit just the cutest?)

The coop itself is also coming along very nicely—which is great because our chicks arrive in about 2 weeks. We just need to finish getting the metal siding up and construct the outdoor run and we'll be good to go. I'm sure Guinevere, Rosalind, Vivian, and Cecilia will be very comfortable there. Especially if Mr. W builds them a chicken swing.

In the lower yard, we planted enough to feed an army this summer. A variety of tomatoes, peppers, and squash, plus pumpkins, corn, and cantaloupe. Feel free to come over for dinner at your leisure...

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  1. Maybe you have the Hantavirus....Better pack up and move back here. Mom and dad will take the baby chicks - they take in anything.

    1. Looks like it was just a stomach bug so the chickens-to-be and I will be staying here!

  2. I think your stomach bug is from those silly juice cleanses. You've got to put a stop to that nonsense; it's killing you! =D

    Love all these updates - the outside space is looking amazing! Do you have issues with rabbits, dear, etc. that eat crops? How will you protect your precious farm???

    1. This made me laugh so hard. You are a crack up. Yes, I bet it was those pesky juice cleanses!

      We do have deer that could be problematic but our neighbor grew stuff in our yard last year and it went crazy, so hopefully we'll be okay! The section where the planter boxes are is pretty protected, too - and Mr. W put chicken wire on the bottom of them to keep the gophers out! Hopefully we'll do ok!


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