Saturday, October 18, 2014

What a Difference 12 Days Make: A Little Kitchen Progress Peek

After months of living in the ruins of our former kitchen, it finally feels like we're making major progress. I don't think I've seen a transformation this dramatic, this fast, since Jennifer Grey's nose job. Although she went from bigger to smaller... And I have no idea if she was healed in 12 days... Anywhoo.... The bottom line is that we're psyched to have a functioning kitchen again.

Every time I thought we were done with demo, something else seemed to pop up that needed whacking with a sledgehammer. The dust that all the construction stirred up was pretty much akin to having a Sahara sandstorm blow through our halls every day. Our vacuum has earned its keep about a thousand times over.

But sometime earlier this month, we turned a very magical corner and the dust settled and we embarked on the actual reconstruction of the room. First, Mr. W sealed up the open walls. Then he began installing the floor (and is finishing this weekend). We hired someone to help us patch and plaster all the cracks and holes. Installed new windows (the old ones were aluminum beauties, likely from 1959) and can lighting overhead. And when all that was done, we got to start bringing in the cabinets. Glory Hallelujah.

I have no idea how Mr. W knew how to install cabinets like a pro, but he got them all perfectly shimmed and leveled and ready for the new countertop (which will arrive on Tuesday). It felt like overnight we went from making dinner in the bathroom to cooking on our beautiful new range and washing dishes in the dishwasher (a monumental luxury after going without one for over a year).

We still have quite a bit of work to do. Like clean up this...

And we still have to tackle lots of finishes...

But I can't tell you how much it fills me with joy to see this sight again:

Within the next few weeks, I think we'll probably be able to wrap up everything. And then there will be lots of laying on the couch to recuperate. 

Here's another look at where we started:

And where we were this week:

Stay tuned for more updates. This progress train ain't slowin' down anytime soon!

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  1. The kitchen looks great! And, you can rest when you retire! Ha. But, even though more project await, at least you can start and end the day cooking in that beautiful kitchen! =)


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