Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Big, Fat, Greek Master Bedroom Redo, Part 1

I'm not sure whether I've ever mentioned it here, but Mr. W is Greek. Maybe I blogged that somewhere over the course of 7 years....but if I didn't, there you have it. I married a big, fat Greek. Okay fine he's actually really svelte. Except for his upper body where he's all muscle. And his rock hard Adonis legs.This is actually making me think of a really funny story that happened when I went home to LA before Christmas...

A younger relative who shall remain nameless asked me if the main reason I married Mr. W was because (and I quote) "he was good at sex."

After I died laughing at her choice of words, I immediately texted Mr. W.

His response: I HOPE YOU SAID YES.

But I digress.

Let's get back to the master bedroom, shall we? (See, all the subject matter here is sort of related if you look at the bigger picture, right?)

After visiting Athens and Santorini and marrying a Greek, it seemed only right that our future master bedroom reflect a little of the classic Grecian aesthetic. I loved all the whites and blues of Santorini, and the idea that our new bedroom could feel like a trip to the isles sounded just right to me. I just realized you may be thinking there is an "After" picture at the end of this post. There is not. Our master bedroom renovation is merely at the pit-in-the-backyard stage right now.

But back to aesthetics. Like any good renovator, I've been pinning like crazy to keep track of my ideas for our future bedroom. Here's an idea of the mood and color scheme:






Blue, blue, and more blue. Part of the scheme was pulled from a painting that our friend Sweet Pete did for Mr. W a million years ago. We plan to have it enlarged and installed over our bed. But mainly I love that the colors feel like a little dip in the Mediterranean. So refreshing.

My first purchase for the master revamp was a set of these pillows from Joss & Main that totally nail the palette (pardon the low-res picture):

We're not the only ones who are into this color scheme either. Today was a very exciting day at the Maris house because our sweet little fuzzy-faced Samantha laid her first aqua-colored egg.

We were so proud. I wanted to play her "Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon" off the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I just love that chicken. And I love that she's so in sync with the decor vision we have around here.


  1. Haha, I love this post. I think I knew Mr. W. was Greek?! I love your vision for your new room-- those blues are some of my favorite colors, and looking at those pictures and hearing about Santorini makes me want to go there even more (I've been wanting to go!). Ha, love the story about the question if Mr. W. is good at sex, classic! And little Samantha! She's fertile!

  2. Girl, you should DEFINITELY go to Santorini at some point. We went in the winter and it was actually great because it wasn't crowded and the sunsets were still breathtaking - and everyone wanted to wait on us hand and foot. It's a magical place.

  3. Love love love the color palette you chose. Aquamarine might be one of my most favorite colors on earth. But, really, anything between teal and royal blue make me happy! Cannot wait to see the after photo!

    1. I know, right? All those blues are just so soothing. I'm hoping we'll kinda feel like we're on vacation every morning when we wake up.


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