Monday, October 10, 2011

He Blinded Me with Science

When I was in high school, I had a string of eccentric science teachers.

My Biology teacher used to do this odd thing where he would stick his tongue out between certain words during his lectures. He got fired a few years after I had him because a student walked into his classroom during lunch and found him standing on a lab table, peeing into a sink. My Chemistry teacher was kind of a wacky super-nerd with these eyebrows that spiked out in all different directions like they'd been hit by an experiment gone wrong. And my AP Physiology teacher, bless his heart, was a gay biker with a handlebar mustache. I loved that man. I did think it was weird that he loved Miss Piggy and had a collection of her memorabilia at his desk, though.

Given my experience with mad scientist characters, you might think I would be alarmed to discover that I'm living with one...

Exhibit A: A little experiment in our kitchen windowsill. A hunk of ginger he's trying to sprout in a shot glass.

Exhibit B: The kitchen now houses a collection of jars that are growing different kids of yeast or pizza dough or something. I don't know exactly... And I don't ask.

Exhibit C: The mini lemon orchard Mr. Wonderful has cultivated by sprouting seeds from our honeymoon in Amalfi.

Exhibit D: The wine-making kit that arrived in the mail last week. I can picture him now, wearing a Pinot-stained lab coat, laughing maniacally as he does barrel tastings...

Okay, who am I kidding? I love that Mr. W is a crazy mad scientist. He gives me reasons to blog. I just hope I don't come home one day to find him standing on the kitchen counter, peeing into our sink.


  1. I hope you don't come home and find him peeing in the wine barrel.

  2. Well your house is about 1000% more sciency than mine (as long as I clean the bathroom)! And hopefully Mr. W's peeing in a sink days are behind him. (It must be a guy's right of passage that your science teacher never got to have as a college student.)

  3. I remember that biology teacher. Before you even finished describing him I knew who you were talking about.

    As far as the science experiments go, I think that is awesome. When I get outta here I am going to attempt (once again) to make a sourdough starter, whey from raw milk, homemade butter from raw milk cream, and homemade yogurt. To start. I am sure my kitchen will have many mason jars full of concoctions as well.

  4. Jeff - Nor in the future limoncello he plans to make...

    LesleyG - Yes, I think if one is going to pee in a sink, it best be done in college.

    Anonymous - Want it? I'd be happy to give it to you!

    Suzy - Another friend from High School emailed me, laughing about the teacher references, too. :) I think you and my hubby would make a great lab partner team. Hopefully you'll blog about your "experiments" and I can pass them on to him so he can learn along with you!

  5. I liked the peeing biology teacher. He was very entertaining and he never peed once in my biology class. Maybe he was getting dementia by the time you had him. Looks like Mr. W is making up for those long boring months in London. Is he sure he doesn't want to brush up on child development with an Uncle/Niece weekend?

  6. This should give you a new appreciate for shows like "The Big Bang Theory." Although, to be fair, they never stand on any counters and pee in the sink on that show.

  7. Hilarious! That's pretty cool though-maybe I need some jars of starter and yeast. I never make good dough..

  8. Sister - I think that science teacher was more normal when you had him. And yes, it would be a lovely experiment to leave the niece alone with Mr. W for a week.

    Memphis Steve - First off, best profile picture ever. Second, I do enjoy a little Big Bang Theory every now and then!

    MissMcCracken - Just prepare yourself for feeling like you're in a mad laboratory!

  9. I think it's cool that Mr. W likes to tinker in that kind of stuff. It's good to have hobbies. At least you can potentially eat or drink his whereas with Mr. D all I get is more tiny little painted soldier men. :-)


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