Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where Would I Be Without Yahoo!?

Tomorrow is my last day at work, which means I've been spending lots of time reflecting on the past 6 1/2 years. When I came on as a freelance copywriter at Yahoo! in April 2004, my intention was to stay through my 3-month contract and then bounce on to something else. But 3 months turned into 6 and then 7 and when my boss offered me a full-time position, I couldn't resist. I had drunk the purple Kool-Aid and wanted to be a part of one of the Web's most beloved teams of underdogs.

Flash forward to the beginning of this year when my department got ravaged again by another layoff, and I was beginning to feel like it might be time for me to move on and drink Kool-Aid elsewhere. Changes and uncertainty and decisions I didn't always agree with had colored my opinion. But it wasn't lost on me that without this job, I would not be where I am in my life right now.

You see, working here enabled me to pay for trips to 10 European countries, it allowed me to realize my long-held dream of living abroad for a bit, it taught me more than I ever wanted to know about search engine marketing, it helped me buy a house last year, it connected me with dozens of really cool people, and most importantly, it's the reason I met Mr. Wonderful.

Yup, Yahoo! gets credit for my marriage.

It was the fall of 2007 and I'd been out to dinner with a friend and had a smidge too much wine. When I came home, I wandered onto Yahoo! Personals...just to see what the inventory was looking like. I had no intention of signing up. In fact, I'd sworn off online dating after my previous relationship. But when I saw a hot coworker on there, I decided to create an account and send him a message. (Remember, I was in a wine haze. I'm fully aware of the don't sh*t where you eat rule). I innocently asked him if he worked in the Yahoo! Burbank building and didn't say much beyond that, because I didn't want him to think I was a stalker.

He never wrote back.

And yes, it was embarrassing to wonder if he recognized me when I saw him in the hall now and then.

But the next day, I got a message from another hot little number from Hollywood. And now, 4 years later, we're happily locked in wed.

I got choked up this morning when I was driving to the office. As much as I'm ready for the change, it's sad to say goodbye.

So one last thank you to Yahoo! for helping make my life what it is. Dear company, you will be missed.


  1. That is so sweet. Drive straight to the bank and cash the severance check.

  2. I am the first to say that "goodbye's" are very difficult.
    I hope you and your co-workers will continue to be in contact as you reach for new destinations. Six and 1/2 years is alot of history and bonding developed among you. Yahoo did expand your horizons and make additions to your resume.
    I know you will continue to fulfill your dreams.

  3. I agree with your mom. But before you start fulfilling them, cash the check.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one that thought "cash the check immediately." :)

    But beyond that, it's so nice when you can leave with such good memories and perspective of how everything worked out just as it should.

  5. Hahah!! Jeff cracks me up. But seriously, I agree with him.

    Yahoo! isn't so bad. I really like the emoticons that are available through email and chat. I'm a total emoticon junkie.

    I'm looking forward to the next chapter in your life. What adventures await for you and Mr. W?

  6. Jeff - I was hoping for direct deposit!

    Mom - Yes, it's a sad day here today. But thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it's really easy to stay in contact with pretty much everyone you've ever met!

    Jeff - Are you telling me this because if I don't hurry, it might bounce?!

    LesleyG - Yeah, this is probably the happiest I've ever left a job before. Which says a lot.

    MissMcCracken - Jeff is highly entertaining, for sure. I don't know all the adventures Mr. W and I will embark on - but we're starting tomorrow with a trip to Napa!

  7. It's a good day to reminisce and remember all the good things this job brought you.

  8. Jeff always told me that the checks clear. It reminded me of why I was there. It's a check. No need to get too sentimental.

    And now you have all kinds of time to conjure up evil plans on how to rule the world. Bwah ha ha haaaa.


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