Friday, November 18, 2011

Old Lady Washcloth Face and the Curious Case of the Funky Tongue

Mr. Wonderful's overly sensitive olfactory system went into overdrive again recently in our house. You may remember the washcloth incidents mentioned here and here. Well, the latest involved a halitosis issue.

One night, we were kissing goodnight and I thought his breath didn't smell its freshest. Trying to be nice, I continued with the kiss and then went to bed. But the next day I couldn't help myself. I told him I thought maybe he'd been dehydrated or something and that he should drink more water before going to bed.

"You have bad breath a lot of times, too," he told me.

I asked why—if it was such a regular thing—he'd never mentioned it. He, too, wanted to be nice. I asked if he thought my halitosis was the result of dehydration. He asked if I had forgotten to brush my tongue. Come to think of it...I had...

"Stick it out and let me smell it," he insisted.

Such romantic pillow talk.

Long story short, my tongue was the culprit. So I've been trying to remember to brush it thoroughly every night before bed. But there are still some nights I forget. I know, dental hygienists everywhere are crying right now.

I decided to try to devise a memory trick, training my brain to think of tongue brushing every time I looked at my dental floss container. Despite being a sporadic tongue brusher, I am an avid flosser.

Apparently Mr. W thought I needed even more of a reminder. Because when I came home from my east-coast trip last weekend, I discovered this:

Yes, that's a little hand-drawn tongue and toothbrush on the lid of my dental floss. Thank you Mr. W. I will never come to bed with halitosis ever again.


  1. Mr W is quite handy with his magic markers. First the reminder on the white board to practice certain acts, and now this creative little public health announcement. (glad he didn't draw a picture to go with the white board notice) He is going to be ecstatic over mom's Thanksgiving tablecloth that he can doodle on.

  2. I have a fear of having bad breath. I just recently bought a tongue scraper thingy. It works great! I have tried to get Darcy to brush his tongue but he didn't even brush his teeth before bed before being with me so... it's an uphill battle. ;-)

  3. Sister - I do think he's quite artistic. The taste buds were a really nice touch.

    Sizzle - I've seen those tongue scrapers before! Maybe I'll have to invest in one. Mr. Darcy is lucky to have found you - he might not have had many teeth left if he hadn't!

  4. You two are such analyzers ... it's hilarious. Thanks for giving me a little giggle. =)

  5. Tongue scrapers unite! I have a huge fear of bad breath after having being told I had bad breath once when I was twenty-one. And from what I've read, it can get worse as we get older. Ew. :)

  6. My goodness those are prominent taste buds. At first I thought it was a reminder to scrub your lobster claw.

  7. Nilsa - My sister, the nurse, says Mr. W has "sensory integration issues" - which is why he can smell so many things I can't! :P

    LesleyG - I'm beginning to have a feeling one is going to end up in my stocking this year...

    WowTWA - Thank you for just making me completely crack up.


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