Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Match for the Mad Scientist

Last week, a cold front moved through Southern California and I decided to break out a sweater I hadn't worn in probably 8 months. It was rumpled in my closet and rather than iron it, I asked Mr. Wonderful if I could use his steamer.

As I went to plug it in, he said, "I'll do it." So I held the sweater while he ran the trusty steam gun over it.

"When did you wear this last?" he asked.

"Winter. Why?"

"It smells... Like old lady washcloth face."

Now for those of you who missed this post on my old blog, Old Lady Washcloth Face is the name my sweet, sweet husband has given to the scent that apparently disrupts my normal rosy facial smell if my washcloth has been used too many times.

I like to tell him he's very high functioning for being Autistic.

Anyway, I thought after divulging Mr. W's mad scientist behavior it was only fair that Old Lady Washcloth Face come clean about her other dirty little secret. A voluntary quid pro quo of sorts.

You see, O.L.W.F. is a craft hoarder:

 I like to keep lots of wrapping paper supplies and boxes handy
because you never know when you might need something.
Yes, I'm the girl who folds up and reuses every scrap of tissue.

 This is just a pile of some stuff that's featured in my Etsy store.
Some of it was made from boxes and other containers I hoarded...

Look at all that felt and paint and craftery. Oh and a little bag of cat treats.
Isn't that a fitting find for O.L.W.F.?

Paper is probably my biggest downfall. If I think I might use it again
as a gift tag or something, it goes into the Craft Cabinet of Mystery.

When I think about the Mad Scientist and Old Lady Washcloth Face growing old together, I imagine piles of cardstock gathering dust in corners next to strangely grafted fruit trees and bottles of moldy starter dough. I'll have strands of glue gun string permanently tangled in my hair and he'll have spreadsheets charting the growth of all his shot glass roots and bulbs.

Clearly, we're a match made in heaven.


  1. LOL, this is why we're practically sisters. My junk drawer/shelves are too full and only getting culled down lately in my attempt to own less stuff (failing at this). Of course, I throw something away and then need it a week later. Ah, the curse of being a crafty DIY-er.

  2. My husband would not only start twitching if he saw any of those piles he would go into a full seizure. Thankfully he organized all of my stuff into those rubbermaid containers and built shelves for them in the basement. But still, every so often, he says, "Hey, do you want to go through those containers and see if you can get rid of anything?"

    I usually say, "No. Not really."

    And then he twitches.

  3. Mr. W needs to define "Old Lady". I could be a little sensitive about that! Also, I hope he never gets a whif
    of my washcloth - because what I wash my face with is not a nicely scented cleanser. Next, don't ever make a negative comment about "my stuff" or "my craft room". Once again you are winning the "Just Like Mom" contest!

  4. Yet four more things for him to pee on.

  5. Wife, I won't make you clean out your closet of crafts if you won't make me clean my desk drawers. Yes, we are a perfect match.

    New Mom, "old" is anything past 100.

  6. Way to make points with the Mother-in-Law, Mr. W. Remind me not to stand too close to you at the next family gathering. God knows what descriptive smell you will come up with for my clothes and face. And Sis, you are racking up points in "The Contest." Mom used to make little trinkets out of felt too....

  7. My palms are sweating just looking at those photos. I'd probably have to set fire to the house to collect insurance and take care of the problem if I lived with you. OMG.

  8. I like to keep those kinds of crafty things too but I put them away so nicely in labeled boxes that now I hardly ever touch them! I think I did more when it was more of organized chaos.

  9. Yeuck, I hate that smell too!

    Love the craft hording. I do that with yards of fabric. "ooh! maybe I'll make a blue leopard print shopping bag!"

    maybe not!

    I love that your crafts look organized at least!


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