Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Cheer

 Of course the yearly cookie-making tradition with my dad generates buckets of
holiday cheer. We especially enjoyed his misspelled Fedex truck cookie this year.

Despite the fact that I'm job-free as a bird these days, I've not been impervious to the stressors of the holiday season. It's so easy to get caught up in the shopping and planning and frustration of waiting in massive lines, and lose sight of all the good things going on around me. But recently I've seen so many examples of goodness and humanity, I just had to talk about a few... 

Secret Santas paying off layaway tabs. I saw multiple news stories about this and I just fell in love with the idea. Kindness from strangers at a time when people will appreciate it so much. So touching. 

The new game show You Deserve It. In case you don't know the premise, people go on the show to win money for someone else who they believe deserves it. I watched part of an episode where a woman was playing to win money for her mother who had raised not only her special needs sister, but also taken in a special needs foster child. Very cool.

This post by Janice. It's all about taking people on as your "nurture projects." What a wonderful idea, huh? Sending love and kindness to people who really need it. Letting them know someone is thinking of them. Adore this.

The couple who found and returned $23,000. They were on The Today Show this week, telling the story of how they found the money under a mattress in the new home they purchased—and subsequently tracked down the previous owner's son to return it to him. Their karma rating just went through the roof.
The early Christmas present Mr. W gave me tonight.
The little Vespa looks just like the one Mr. W and I motored around Capri on during our honeymoon. But the one I got is better because he painted "Capri" and "2011" on its sides. The best part is that I almost bought him a yellow scooter magnet as a stocking stuff. Typical that we would have the same idea...

The fact that my oldest niece asked on Thanksgiving that we do less this year and give money to charities instead of buying presents. Oh, how that one always makes me proud. She's going to save the world one day. I decided to adopt orca whales through National Wildlife Federation for my cousin's kids. The money is going to a good cause, and the kids were overjoyed that they're now "whale parents." I did a few more things, but they're top secret until Christmas...

What's warming your heart this season? Have you seen any shining examples of humanity in your state or city or family? Lay it on me!

***After seeing Nilsa's comment, I need to clarify that the Vespa is a Christmas ornament! Not a real scooter!***


  1. What an awesome Christmas present from Mr. W! Did he put a big red bow on it like they do in the Lexus commercials? (We always wondered if anyone got a vehicle gift inclusive of the bow!)

    What warms my heart? Time away from work to spend with my boys. What also warms my heart is both Sweets and I are off from work on Monday and have no plans other than to hang out with Gavin!

  2. I didn't run the Nevada minivan owner who cut me off three times in 20 minutes (3 times!!!) off the road and punch him in the face. How's that for holiday spirit and restraint?!

  3. Nilsa - Thank you for making my morning with your belief that Mr. W bought me an actual Vespa. Hilarious!

    HunnerWoof - That's it, I'm buying you anger management classes next year for Christmas.

  4. What warms me this Christmas? Vodka. Yup. That does the trick. Simply that even though I can be a major asshole sometimes, my friends and family are still rockstars and supportive. that's pretty awesome.

  5. Ah shucks, thanks for the shout out. I was disheartened by everyone talking about the stressful hustle and bustle. Your post reminded me of the lovely parts of the holiday.

  6. And here I thought you were going to mention Christmas cookie decorating. My favorite things this holiday season - Allie's gift and love note; Carleigh riding a donkey dressed as Mary, and Dad's Fed Ex Christmas cookie.


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