Thursday, May 24, 2012

That One Time Mr. W Wet His Pants in the Backyard

Okay fine, Mr. W didn't actually pee his pants. I tricked you into reading this with my title, didn't I?

Here's what really happened...

Last night we decided to make chicken shish kabobs for dinner. Oh and some veggie ones too that included zucchini from our very own plant below. Cute isn't it? So charming and phallic.

I was in the house, about ready to go keep Mr. W company at the barbecue, when I heard him yell a sort of scared, helpless-sounding, "Aaahhhahhh!" Through the sliding glass door I could see that he was standing on the second tier of our yard, a dinner plate in hand, getting pelted by the garden hose sprayer.

He didn't run away for a good several seconds—just stood there dumbfounded and yelling. Apparently he had dropped the hose after watering and it landed square on the little gun handle and shot up a geyser of hose water that covered everything in a 3 foot radius. Mr. W included.

Of course I started laughing hysterically at him and laughed even harder when I got outside and saw his mist-covered hair and soaking wet shorts up close.

Thankfully, he still cooked me dinner.

The backyard is looking better and better every day as more of our summer crops pop up. Last time I counted, we had 11 artichokes coming in.

The cucumber plant is still pretty small, but the blossoms are so pretty!

Not quite as high as an elephant's eye, the corn is still impressive considering how tiny it was to begin with.

I don't actually know if this is a pumpkin or butternut squash plant, but I'm mighty excited to find out.

Mr. W bought this little olive tree recently and even it seems to be joining in the summer fruiting process.

And then there are of course these guys. No idea whether they'll turn out well—but they're nice to look at.

But by far Mr. W and my favorite thing growing in the backyard are the teeny baby avocados. They are really taking their time bulking up. The biggest is only about the size of my thumbnail right now. But we are so excited by the thought of making homegrown guacamole!

I think Mr. W is also really excited about the new garden hose sprayer he picked up. Hopefully this one has some sort of safety mechanism built in so he won't have to worry about wetting his pants again anytime soon...


  1. Your garden is so pretty! Makes me wish I had my very own backyard ... oh, and also makes me wish I lived in a sunnier climate!

    1. We've lucked out with the sun this year for sure out here. Pretty aside, we just love that the backyard is feeding us! :)

  2. Lol! Love the image of a wet man dancing...

    *huge jealousy over your olives and avacados!* :)

    1. Haha thanks but don't be jealous until we see that they grow to full size!

  3. How many sprayers have you bought in the last two months? ;) Your garden looks AMAZING!

    1. We've purchased two in the last two months - plus the first one that broke probably within the last year. I'm hoping this third one is a charm... Thanks for the compliment but It's not so amazing on the left side of the yard! Lots of dirt!

  4. It's not a party until someone wets their pants.

    Lovely garden and story!



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