Thursday, May 3, 2012


Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Photo from

I've been watching Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN and this Monday night's episode was all about gratitude—how even in difficult times, it's good to find things to be grateful for.

Listing our fortunes can help us heal faster, I think.

Although I used to keep a gratitude journal, I've fallen behind on it. And even though things have been rough around here lately, when I stop and think, I'm thankful for so much.

Tuesday, Mr. W and I got to go to the Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
I had multiple moments throughout the show where I just felt my heart swell. They did a great job with audience interaction—handing out these cool light-up wristbands that blinked different colors throughout the concert, shooting confetti everywhere, launching beach balls from who knows where. Everything was choreographed like we were all at one big party together. And then there was the music. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Echoing off the Hollywood Hills. I love being around other fans and feeling like you're all there together, just completely in love with the performers on stage.

Last week I dropped a knife on my foot and stabbed myself in the toe.
But I didn't cut the toe off! That's lucky, right? And it was a smaller knife—not a big ole meat cleaver. And at least it was my foot and not one of the cats.

Multiple days over the past two weeks, Mr. W and I haven't gotten out of our pajamas. 
It's pretty nice to have that luxury, especially when you've been feeling blue or have a cold like I have for the last week and a half. Sure, if anyone had stopped by our house they would've thought we were staging some sort of hygienic rebellion, but at least we were happy and comfy.

We planned another trip to our beloved Solvang and Santa Barbara County.
We're heading up Memorial Day weekend and plan to start exploring neighborhoods and property. Life is short. We want to move as soon as we can.

My niece got into Georgetown, but ultimately decided to go to University of San Diego.
As an auntie who has already shed a few tears over the thought of her oldest niece growing up and moving away, I'm beyond delighted that she's staying closer. And very excited that now I have a new reason to take weekend trips down to SD!

Can you find things to be thankful for even when you're feeling down? What are your top gratitude drivers right now?


  1. I will be in Solvang the same weekend! If you're interested in meeting up with a couple friends of mine (one lives up there and owns a wine tour company), drop me a line!

    Love this post. Gratitude is so important and I am so happy you didn't cut your toe off!! OMG.

    I'm thankful for my stable job and health - that both my melanoma and bladder cancer have remained in remission.

    My friends are amazing and I have a roof over my head and food in my belly.


  2. I think gratitude is irrevocably linked to joy. Thanks for the lovely post. And, I am pretty excited your oldest niece is staying close to home, too.

  3. I'm thankful that my kids are healthy and happy. That means more to me than anything.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. great post...I am thnkful for my life everyday...great family and friends, fortunate to be able to do the things we want to do, grateful to know that our new dog is not actually a hermaphrodite as originally thought, just a little extra skin that looked like a male organ...I'm even grateful it's FRIDAY! :) I'll be thinking of you guys this weekend. XOXO

  5. Carleigh will be so happy that she made your gratitude list! I am very thankful for that very same little miracle! I will not be very full of gratitude when you move away, even though it will be a nice place to visit.

  6. I dropped a knife last week, too. And my immediate thought was, thank goodness Gavin wasn't playing in the cabinets underneath me!!! Good grief!

    I am grateful for things on a daily basis. But, if I'm honest, right now, I'm just glad it's Friday. I'm soooo in need of a weekend with my boys.

  7. I hope the knife injury wasn't too bad. My aunt did that last year and hit a pretty important vein (artery?) in her foot. Kind of scary.

    I think it's such a good reminder to be grateful for things in the hardest of times. I've been experiencing a rough time myself. I usually say thanks for things like health and happy family but those are the things that are hitting us most right now. Some days I just have to be thankful for breath and a couple quiet moments. It's enough.

  8. Sometimes...I just need reminded. Thanks for this, love, truly.

    At the moment, whiskey and thunderstorms have saved me. The two combineed at 3am somehow say what I cannot.

  9. You had me at Oprah's Lifeclass.

  10. Christine - Good God woman I need to go back to your archives - I had no idea you had two types of cancer. Man alive you're a walking miracle.

    Ashley A. - Thank you for commenting, missy! I think there may be a girls' road trip to SD in our future. :)

    Lara W. - I'm thankful for your kids, too!

    Laura - You make me pee my pants. I cannot wait to meet the new dog, hermaphrodite or not.

    Sister - You'll be filled with gratitude when you come to our house for weekend wine retreats!

    Nilsa - I have an irrational fear of accidentally stabbing people and animals in the kitchen. I can't imagine having a baby in there! I'd have to switch to all butter knives.

    LesleyG - Sometimes it's the teeniest things that get us through. I know my journal has things in it like "I'm thankful for ice cream."

    Chantel - Whatever gets you through. My old recipe was Sex and the City episodes, French toast and wine. Always wine. Hang in there.

    Jeff - I dream of watching an Oprah Lifeclass with you just to hear the commentary. It would be priceless.

  11. Awesome post!

    I'm always grateful for true friends and my close family.

    I needed a focus on the positive. Thanks for the nice reminder!

  12. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it.

    Despite being at my wit's end with the apartment management gig, I'm so grateful it's afforded me the opportunity to pay off my debt.

    Despite my job being rather dull right now, I'm very grateful I have the luxury of a flexible schedule.

    Despite being annoyed that Mr. Darcy bites his fork when he eats or is constantly on his iphone, I'm so very grateful to have him in my life.

  13. I'm grateful I have not yet taken advantage of Utah's concealed carry permit law. If I had, there would be a dead contractor in my master bathtub right now and I'd have to be figuring out how to dispose of a body.

    Thank goodness for small miracles, huh?


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