Monday, October 22, 2012


When I was a single girl, I often felt like I was living a dual life. I had my apartment, social circle, and niche in my cute little town—then I had the life I lived at my boyfriend's house. For the sake of niceness, let's pretend that boyfriend was only ever Mr. W. 

It was like every weekend I packed a bag and drove 25 minutes away to go enter into my altered existence. In my other house. With my other people. For a long time, this double duty way of operating was exciting. I got to escape to fantasy land four times a month! But after awhile, I just wanted the two lives to become one so I could relax and quit packing and unpacking clothes and all my other important lady items.

Then, of course, I moved into Mr. W's place and missed my cute, girlie apartment for about 4 months. Go figure...

Since we received the keys to our new/future house in Santa Ynez, I find myself feeling again like I'm living a split life. One foot is in Hollywood, enjoying familiar comforts, plugging away at the job that has long served me; the other foot is in Santa Ynez, eager to take a step forward into the realm of wine country life coaching retreats and full-blown backyard farming.

And just like when I was dating Mr. W, every time I have to leave the "other" life, I just want to lie on the floor and have a small crying tantrum.

The new place is just so wonderfulllll...

This past weekend, we went up to work on the house and were lucky enough to get a boatload of help from my parents.

Cute, aren't they?

We didn't just get twice as much stuff done as we would have if it'd been just the two of us. We got about fifteen times as much stuff done. My parents are expert DIYers and almost stubbornly productive. My dad insisted that he had a blast power-washing the house.

However, he was so wet when he finished, my mom hung his clothes on our back fence to dry. Tighty-whites included. Yes Santa Ynez, we are the crazy LA people who put our underwear on display for the entire neighborhood to see...

Here are just a few snapshots of the progress we made Saturday and Sunday:

I'm in love with my new rug. It was a steal on—75% off, plus free shipping. I think she's so pretty, I'd let Mr. W take her on as a sister wife.

My mom did a bang-up job of recovering the light fixture with a pretty, soft grey, brushed silky fabric. She's like a sharpshooter with a glue gun.

We did some work to the bedrooms, too, but I'll save those for another post. Still lots of items on the to-do list, but at least it feels like we're making a dent. The funny thing is, this is all just interim renovating. Sometime in 2014, we'll be gutting the entire kitchen and both bathrooms. But for now, we'll enjoy our seahorses and retro ash cabinets. And maybe we'll miss them when our dual lives reunite and we're finally living together under our new roof.


  1. Loving Dad's underwear on the front yard fence. Couldn't she have picked a more obscure drying location in the back 40? The house looks great!!! You guys have done a ton.

  2. Very cool house - congrats again. It's fun to know this is where you will be for a long long time, right? Buy your dad some boxers for Xmas. It's never too late to save him.

  3. Love the new rug and new paint colors!!!

  4. Its the flat man....but not.

    BTW...I actually had to go back and look AGAIN because when I read this earlier, it was on my phone....and I really needed the effect of the full sized monitor.

  5. Awww, your parents are so adorable. It's so much fun to watch your journey transforming your Santa Ynez house into your home. When do you expect to move in full time?

  6. Parents--hell, anyone really--who is willing to pick up a hammer, get dirty, and pull a muscle for you? Gold. Sheer gold.

    Looking good! (I'm going to erase the fact I've now seen your father's underwear from my memory)

  7. Sister - I think she was totally trying to make it onto the blog with that one...

    WowTWA - If I bought my dad boxers, I guarantee he'd use them to polish the car.

    Anonymous - Thank you! We do too!

    Laura - Hahaha yes you need to see the underwear at high resolution. I'm sure if you guys come up with the parents and my parents at some point, my Mom will pull another photo-worthy prank.

    Nilsa - Thank you! We should be making the official transition sometime next summer. But there will be lots of weekend trips before then!

    Chantel - Welcome to the family. ;)

  8. It's looking GREAT! I especially love that rug and want to run out and buy it ASAP.


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